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Norwegian Omelette

For 4 people: 8 to 12 scoops of the best fruit ice cream, 1 large sponge cake base, 5 egg whites, 200 g sugar, 2 tbsp icing sugar.

Put the ice cream in a very cold place. Line a large oval ovenproof dish with the sponge, preheat the oven to the highest setting. Beat the 5 egg whites with the sugar until stiff peaks form. Now place the ice cream scoops in a row on the sponge in the tin, using a spatula to heap the stiff beaten egg whites over the top and smooth. Sprinkle lightly with icing sugar and place the white structure as high as possible in the hot oven. After just a few minutes, when the surface of the beaten egg whites begins to brown, remove and serve immediately. But when the cool ice cream appears under the supposed Salzburger Nockerln, guests will be amazed!

The matching drink would be champagne démi sec or a good semi-dry vintner's sparkling wine.


Confiserie with a reputation like thunder


Once, Erika Berberich says, they made more than ten thousand chocolates for a corporate client and packed them in tins.

For the Miltenberg traditional company, it was founded in 1828, a reputation precedes like thunder. Surely this has to do with the fact that quality for master Gerhard Berberich already begins with the use of high-quality raw materials. Instead of the commonly used strawberry powder, Sell-Backstube uses strawberry puree, and you can taste it. Various, special cake bases are made in-house, for example from light and dark sponge cake, from nut brittle dough or nougat. Bases of this dough and the high-class Sell ice-cream are the main ingredients for a non-everyday, but easy to realize summer dessert: Norwegian omelette.

In Magister Elsholtz, the work of the "confectioner"is described as "the manner of preserving the fruit in its natural way". This is by far not enough anymore; nowadays a confectioner has to understand patisserie, the fine bakery. Confiserie, the production of fine chocolates, is also part of the craft. And in many places there is also glacerie, the technical term for the production of ice cream. Of course, all three branches are represented in the Miltenberg company.

Another speciality of the Miltenberg confectioners are the summer truffles. Under thin chocolate shells hide deliciously fruity fillings. Also aparter flavours, like Campari orange, Kir Royal, Vodka Lemon or coconut. The marzipan potatoes are a sell highlight. This elaborate pastry - in addition to marzipan, it includes sponge cake and vanilla rum cream - also goes back to a family recipe. Its origins lie in obscurity.

Indispensable to many Sell customers are the Miltenberger waffles. They're made of spiced shortbread, filled with redcurrant jam, wearing a cap of lemon meringue, and to fathom their full fresh delicacy, you have to have tried them.

There is also a cultivation of tradition, Christstollen, a special gingerbread recipe developed around 1900 by the capable forefather Adam Sell, and an impressive twenty varieties of Christmas cookies are testament to this.

With all this, people sit in the café, are served, have breakfast, lunch or even just soup, and snack on something sweet like the ever-popular Appenzeller cheese cream cake. Quite a few, however, stick to the savoury confectionery, which Gerhard Berberich and his team are equally good at. Not to forget the wedding cakes!

Café Sell


Erika and Gerhard Berberich

Mainstr. 152

63897 Miltenberg am Main

Phone: 09371-3071

Fax: 09371-3074


Opening Hours: Opening hours: Mon 9am-6.30pm; Tue-Fri 8am-6.30pm; Sat 8am-6pm; Sun 9.30am-6pm

Shipping also available

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