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Discover exciting events even during the Corona crisis - real or digital!
January 2023
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Shrovetide in Frankfurt

Pulls, Parties and Costumes

Die Narren sind los! In diesem Jahr wird in Frankfurt und Umgebung das närrische Treiben endlich wieder so gefeiert, wie wir es kennen. Umzüge, Partys, spezielle Führungen und Feiern – all das wird es 2023 uneingeschränkt geben. Daher können wir Euch in unserem Special auch wieder mehr Tipps  geben - inklusive der schönsten Umzüge und kultigsten Faschings-Partys in Frankfurt und der Region:

Removals in Frankfurt and surroundings

When the numerous associations in their elaborately designed floats drive along the various parade routes and throw candies and small gifts into the crowd, when music bands or dance guards get the audience in the mood and many an original costume is presented, then not only the participants of the carnival parades, but also many thousands of visitors gladly brave even the bad weather or the low temperatures!

Frankfurter Kinder-Fastnachtszug

02.03.2019 - 12:11 Clock - Children's carnival procession from Konstablerwache to Römerberg Frankfurt

02.03.2019 - from 11:45 am - Römerberg Frankfurt
Storming of the Römer by the Frankfurt guards and the foolish Frankfurt Prince and Princess. Handover of the city key by the Lord Mayor to the Tollitäten.

02.03.2019 - 14:11 clock- Wiesbaden children's parade (downtown)

03.03.2019 - 12:21 clock - downtown Frankfurt

Grand Frankfurt carnival procession. Involved are about 90 clubs and associations with nearly 3000 participants. Tribune of honor on the Römerberg. Start: Untermainkai. From 11 am "Before the train" party at the Römer

03.03.2019 - 11:11 clock - Parade of the foolish guards in downtown Mainz

After the parade is then celebrated from 13:11 clock on Ludwigsstraße and Schillerplatz at the "Tanz auf der Lu".

You can find more info HERE

03.03.2019 - 13:11 clock - Great Shrove Sunday procession through downtown Wiesbaden

Start at Elsässer Platz

03.03.2019 - 14:00 clock - Aschaffenburger carnival parade through the city center

04.03.2019 - 10:00 Clock - Shrove Monday parade of Darmstadt's self-organized children's institutions - Carree-Piazza Darmstadt

04.03.2019 - 11:11 am - Mainzer Rosenmontagsumzug

The classic in the Rhine-Main area! You can find all the info HERE

04.03.2019 - 13:31 clock - Rose Monday parade in Seligenstadt

At this popular parade again over 40,000 visitors from the entire region are expected. Find more info HERE

05.03.2019 - 14:31 Clock - Klaa Paris

180th Fastnachtszug in Klaa Paris - Traditional Fastnachtsumzug in Frankfurt-Heddernheim. The train route of the carnival procession can be found at:

Storming of the Roman

On Saturday, February 18.2023 from 13:11 clock

This belongs in Frankfurt simply to the Fastnacht, like the Kreppel: the storming of the Römer by the Frankfurt guards and the närrische Frankfurt Prince and Princess. This culminates in the handing over of the key to the city by the provisional mayor to the dignitaries. The whole is accompanied by an atmospheric supporting program.

Wiesbadener Kinderumzug

On Saturday, 18.02.2023, from 15:33 clock

The various carnival clubs of the state capital invite to this popular procession through the streets of downtown Wiesbaden. For children a really nice experience

Great Frankfurt Fastnacht Parade through the Frankfurt city center

On Sunday, 19.02.2023 from 12:21 pm

The big parade starts with a before-the-move party at the Römer from 11 am, . "bis de Zuch comes" . Then the participating clubs move from Untermainkai through the city center to Römerberg, where the procession can be greeted from the grandstand.

Parade of the foolish guards in the Mainz city center

On Sunday, 19.02.2023 from 11:11 am

At 11:11 begins the parade of the foolish guards, dance on the LU with foolish goings-on. At 12:11 follows the carnival party at the carnival fountain. At 13:11 then finally starts the parade of the motive cars in the Ludwigsstraße

Great Shrove Sunday procession through downtown Wiesbaden

On Sunday, Feb. 19, 2023, 13:11

The great parade runs 4.5 km through downtown Wiesbaden. About 5,500 participants in the procession from 65 clubs provide many great shows and a great atmosphere. With the train route there is a small change this year: the procession is diverted from Klarenthaler Straße to Dotzheimer and then to Rheinstraße.

Mainzer Rosenmontagsumzug

On Monday, 20.02.2023 from 11:11 am

The classic in the Rhine-Main area! 2023 is the parade under the motto "In Mainz stands Fastnacht fully - for peace, freedom, tolerance."The närrische Zugstrecke runs 7km through downtown Mainz

Klaa Paris

On Tuesday, February 21, 2023 from 14:31

184. Fastnachtszug in Klaa Paris - The traditional carnival procession in Frankfurt-Heddernheim belongs for many to the very big highlights of the carnival season.

Fastnacht parties and festivals in Frankfurt

Not only at the numerous parades can be celebrated vigorously. There are also 2023 again quite a few parties and festivals on which Fassenacht lovers can really let off steam. Whether typical Kölsch or hearty Hessian, whether for singles or Ü30er, whether for Schlager fans or for lovers of electro sounds - there is actually for every taste and for every age the right event. A selection can be found here.

Rosa Cloudchen Session

On 22.01. (sold out) and 23.01.2023, both at 19:30 in the Saalbau Titus Forum

Unambiguous - Ambiguous - GAYnial! WithAunt Gladice, the "Gorgeous Ladies" and much more

More info + tickets

Frankfurt Alaaf - Kölscher Karneval

28.02. + 01. + 02.03.2019 - Thu/Fri 15:11, Sat 11:11 + 15:11 - Gesellschaftshaus im Palmengarten, KINDERFASSENACHT

The association adventure playground Riederwald e.V. organizes a big carnival bash for children, with many participatory games and live music.

More information HERE

26.02. + 28.02. + 04.03. + 05.03.2019 - 18:11 clock - ZOOM Club - Frankfurt Alaaf - Kölscher Karneval

Cologne Tuesday, Wieberfastnacht, Rose Monday and Shrovetide in the best Cologne tradition at the Zoom Club. Find more info HERE

01.03.2019 - 22. clock - Batschkapp - Faschingsparty - Narrenkapp

The cult costume ball for young and old turns the Kapp into the biggest carnival party in the city. You can expect carnival hits, Schlager, Malle, party classics, charts and many GiveAways. Find more info HERE

02.03.2019 - 21.00 clock - South Station - 30Plus Carnival Special Party

DJ Chris Force provides in addition to one or the other carnival firecracker also with the best hits of the 80s, 90s and today for the perfect mood.

More information HERE

02.03.2019 - 20.00 clock - Blue Water - THE SMALLEST carnival in the world

At the smallest carnival in the world DJs on three floors provide atmospheric sounds. You can find more info HERE

02.03.2019 - 19:31 Clock - Saalbau Bornheim - Bernemer Käwwern

More information HERE

04.03.2019 - 20:31 clock - Saalbau Bornheim - Rosenmontags Party

With Roy Hammer <x>.Ampersand</x> The Pralin&eacute;es

All info HERE

More info

Bernemer Damensitzung

On 16.02.2023, 20:11 clock, in the Saalbau Bornheim

For women only, admission from 19 clock

More info


On 17. + 18. + 20.02.2023, in the Gesellschaftshaus in the Palmengarten

The association adventure playground Riederwald e.V. organizes a big carnival bash for children, with lots of join-in games and live music. On Friday from 15:11 to 17:33, and on Saturday and Monday from 11:11 to 13:33 and 15:11 to 17:33. Tickets (for 7 € per person) are available one hour before the start of each event at the box office.

More info

Narrenkapp 2023 - Die Batschkapp Faschings Party

On 17.02.2023, from 22 clock in the Batschkapp

DJ Tom Bola & Buffalo &. Wallace DJ team ignite again a true mood fireworks of Schlager, Mallorca- Krachern as well as party hits & Fastnachtsklassikern, plus many GiveAways to bring the crowd to the rage!

More info

Bernemer Käwwern

On 18.02.2023, 19:31 clock, in the Saalbau Bornheim

The great carnival pomp and stranger session, with Peter Kuhn, Guddi Gutenberg and others.

More info

Rent or buy costumes in Frankfurt and surroundings

Of course, Mardi Gras includes the perfect costume. Whether as a superhero, U.S. president or quite classic as a cowboy, knight, nurse, crocodile or angel - there is actually no limit to the imagination when it comes to costuming. You can either make the right Shrovetide outfit yourself, buy it or simply borrow it. Where? Here are a few addresses for you:


Costumes and decorations


Zeil 46, 60313 Frankfurt am Main


Costume Rental Bruder

Berliner Str. 49, 64347 Griesheim


Costume Rental Günther

Frankfurter Str. 6, 63674 Altenstadt


Partner-Tipps für Frankfurt & Umgebung

Empfehlungen von Partnern und Firmen aus oder für die Region.