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The most beautiful farmers markets in Frankfurt

A most welcome alternative to visiting the Supermarket


Fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and sausages from regional manufactures, homemade bread – the many weekly farmers markets in the city are for many a popular alternative to visiting the supermarket. To stroll araound in a n atmosphere that is often quite special and to be able to talk directly to the producers of the food, makes these markets a special attraction. Some markets have also become a popular meeting place for an evening drink with friends. There are around twenty weekly markets in Frankfurt. A few of the most beautiful are undoubtedly:


The weekly market near the „Börse“ (stock exchange) attracts many people at the end of the week, especially at lunchtime and after work, who shop here or meet for a convivial get-together with bratwurst, coffee or wine. The green sauce – a regional delicacy - of Frankfurt's most famous market woman, Giesela Paul, is also a must on this market! Try it once and you will be addicted!

Market times: Friday 09 - 18:30 o'clock


One of the oldest markets in the city can be found in Frankfurt-Höchst. On three days a week (Tue, Fri and Sat) you can buy fresh products from the region not only in the market square, but also in the adjacent market hall. Here it is nice at any weather, especially if you stop your shopping for a good cup of coffee.

Market times: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 07 - 13 o'clock


With its enormous and sometimes even unique variety of offers, the weekly market around the „Uhrtürmchen“ in Bornheim is one of the most popular farmers markets in the city. Teas, spices, cheese, organic bread or Wagyu beef directly from the producer end up in the shopping baskets. The location of the market is ideal because after a long stroll along the stalls you can stop at one of the nearby cafés or continue along the Berger Straße.

Market times: Wednesday 08 - 18:30 o'clock + Saturday 08 - 16 o'clock


This market may not be located at the most beautiful spot in the city, but it is always worth a visit. Besides delicious cheese from the Dottenfelderhof, the Rhöner Bratwurst from the organic farm Wingenfeld or wine from the Rollanderhof you will find highlights like "Die Milchbar" with homemade yoghurt ice cream. The farmers market offers not only numerous stalls for shopping, but also some places to enjoy a glass of wine, a spicy bratwurst or a refreshing „Apfelwein“. It is no wonder that people like to meet here especially on Thursdays for after-work shopping and a drink among friends.

Market times: Thursday 10 - 20 o'clock + Saturday 8 - 17 o'clock

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