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Frankfurt. Out and about with your favourite people Emons Verlag

Frankfurt. Out and about with your favourite people

from: Kerstin Platsch & Annika Tzschätzsch

published: Emons Verlag

on 18.03.2021

Amazon Link : Frankfurt. Out and about with your favourite people

Closed restaurants, cinemas that don't show films, cafés where coffee and cake are only available to take away - there's very little to do in Frankfurt at the moment. And then preferably alone or as a couple. Don't you long to take your favourite people in your arms again and enjoy the many beautiful sides of our city with them without a care in the world? In the hope that this will soon be possible again, you can look forward to it now and get lots of great ideas. Kerstin Platsch and Annika Tzschätzsch present you in their new book "Frankfurt. Unterwegs mit deinen Lieblingsmenschen" a total of 85 places and activities that you can enjoy with your loved one, your family, your best buddy or your best friend in and around Frankfurt.

After an invitation to a favorite person that you can fill out, photograph and then send off, tips follow for "being active together", for "exploring the city arm in arm", for "relaxing together", for "getting creative together", for "sharing delicacies" and for "experiencing culture side by side". Enriched with many appealing, often full-page photographs, the book presents activities and locations that are not limited to the Frankfurt city area, but also invite you to discover the surrounding countryside. For example, a bicycle tour leads from the banks of the Main River in Frankfurt across the Schwanheimer Wiesen to the beautiful Kelsterbar on the banks of the Main River in Kelsterbach. Another tour shows how beautiful a hike up the Herzberg can be. But also a hotrod tour through Frankfurt, feasting in the beach café in the Nordend or cooking together in the cowshed are presented in the book.

The nice thing about the selection of tips is that here you get to know numerous places and offers that are not found in every other city guide. Of course, there are also a few well-known classics, but also real insider tips, with which you can discover completely new facets of the city and the surrounding area. The texts are written very charming and descriptive. It is very nice that the people who are connected with the respective places are introduced again and again - such as Olaf from Orange Beach or the two Heikes from the flower shop Arisaema in Bergen-Enkheim.

Special tips are interspersed again and again, ranging from the preparation of a delicious mushroom pan to favorite activities at the Mainäppelhaus to a list of the best ice cream shops in the city. Browsing through this beautiful book is not only fun, but also raises hope for better times ahead. Unfortunately, not all of the activities presented here (such as after-work shipping on the Main or a visit to the Astor Film Lounge) can be experienced at the moment, and not all of the places can be visited. That's when you notice what you're really missing at the moment. But the positive, charming way in which this book was written and designed alone quickly turns the melancholy into anticipation. A highly recommended city guide and the perfect gift for your loved ones!

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp