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Agatha Christie's Hjerson - DVD

Agatha Christie's Hjerson - DVD

Schweden 2021 - with Johan Rheborg, Hanna Alström, Maria Lundqvist, David Fukamachi Regnfors ...

The Frankfurt-Tipp rating - Movie:

Movie info

Original title:Agatha Christies Hjerson
Genre:TV series
Direction:Lisa James Larsson, Lisa Farzaneh
Sales launch:04.03.2022
Production country:Schweden 2021
Running time:Approx. 347 min.
Rated:Age 12+
Number of discs:2
Languages:German (Dolby Digital 5.1), Swedish (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Picture format:16:9
Label:Edel: Motion
Amazon Link : Agatha Christie's Hjerson - DVD

Content: Once Sven Hjerson (Johan Rheborg) was a celebrated investigator who was one of the best in his guild. But since he was accused of tampering with evidence a few years ago, Hjerson has completely disappeared from the scene. TV producer Klara Sandberg (Hanna Alström), tired of producing trash formats, wants to recruit the profiler for a new true-crime format. She actually manages to track him down and wants to convince him of her idea on board a ferry. But Hjerson refuses of course and wants to get rid of the annoying TV-maker only - until it comes on board the ship to a murder and the two becomes an investigator team against will...

The very idiosyncratic investigator Sven Hjerson was thought up by Ariadne Oliver. What, you don't know this lady? Believe me, you know her. Because the acquaintance of Hercules Pirot is a creation of Agatha Christie. The fictional investigator Sven Hjerson, created by a fictional writer, has now been transported to the present. With set pieces as known from classic Agatha Christie "Whodunits", spiced with a lot of humor and a pinch of Nordic Noir has emerged from this a crime series that serves old familiar fresh and above all extremely entertaining.

"Hjerson" lives particularly from the excellent interaction of its very different main characters. When the meticulous Sven Hjerson, who goes to get his hair cut every day at 2 p.m. sharp, meets the somewhat chaotic Klara, one is reminded in the best sense of the duo Adrian Monk and Natalie Teeger from the series "Monk", especially at the beginning. However, the dynamic of the two quickly develops in a direction all its own, as the characters are quite wonderfully drawn. Hjerson is at first glance a somewhat quirky loner, but in the course of this first season reveals other very interesting facets. It will be interesting to see how this character will develop in the following seasons. The same applies to Klara, who in addition to frustration at work also has to deal with marital problems, which are also presented pleasantly different than you know from other series.

Conventional and yet different, well-known and yet refreshingly original - that is "Hjerson"! A real enrichment for the crime genre that really makes you want more. Only the last murder case of this season initially leaves a somewhat bland aftertaste, as it unintentionally has parallels to the set accident in which Alec Baldwin was involved some time ago. But as the story then develops in a completely different direction, the uneasy feeling quickly gives way to the high entertainment value that characterizes the series throughout. From me there is for it quite clearly a: Absolutely worth seeing!

Picture + Sound: The overall pleasantly sharp picture is especially pleasing with its pleasing coloring. In dark sequences, minor weaknesses are discernible, but overall the visual implementation is on a good to very good TV level. The German sound is available as a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix, which in addition to the rather directional mixed dialogue now and then also has a few minor sound effects and atmospheric ambient sounds to offer. Good!

Extras: On the first DVD there is a very short promo interview with Johan Rheborg and Hanna Alström (3 min.) as a bonus. Unfortunately, that's about it!

Conclusion: "Hjerson" is a very entertaining crime series, which with its humorously colored production is an entertaining contrast to the otherwise so dreary and gloomy representatives of Nordic Noir. Especially the interaction of the two main characters makes this series a real enrichment for the genre. The double DVD presents the four feature-length episodes in good picture and sound quality, while the barely 3 minutes of bonus material is absolutely negligible. All in all, for fans of entertaining crime fare: absolutely recommended!

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp


  • Agatha Christie's Hjerson - DVD
  • Agatha Christie's Hjerson - DVD
  • Agatha Christie's Hjerson - DVD
  • Agatha Christie's Hjerson - DVD
  • Agatha Christie's Hjerson - DVD
  • Agatha Christie's Hjerson - DVD