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Großbritannien 2021 - with Caitríona Balfe, Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan, Ciarán Hinds, Colin Morgan, Jude Hill ...

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Movie info

Original title:Belfast
Direction:Kenneth Branagh
Cinema release:24.02.2022
Production country:Großbritannien 2021
Running time:Approx. 98 min.
Rated:Ages 12+

Belfast in the summer of 1969: in a working-class neighborhood, nine-year-old Buddy (Jude Hill) lives a fairly harmonious life. The boy loves movies, Matchbox cars and playing with other kids in the street. The boy hardly notices the conflict between Protestants and Catholics, especially since everyone in his neighborhood lives together peacefully. This changes, of course, when one day an angry mob marches through the streets to drive the Catholic families out of their homes. From then on, roadblocks and the military are part of everyday life. Buddy's father (Jamie Dornan), who works in England and rarely visits Belfast, tries with all his might to keep his family out of the conflict. But he and Buddy's mother (Caitríona Balfe) know that this will not succeed for long...

"Belfast" is a very personal film for director Kenneth Branagh, whose script he wrote during the first lockdown. In the film, which is infused with his own experiences, Branagh looks back on life in his hometown, which was shaken by bloody conflicts. In doing so, he consistently shows the conflict between Protestants and Catholics from the point of view of a child. In the midst of fear and violence, therefore, there are also repeated moments of childlike naivety and joy. It is not a happy story, but one that is also repeatedly infused with joyful levity. And that is precisely what makes the cruelty that surrounds the little boy and his friends and family all the more intensely palpable.

Branagh manages the feat of telling a story that, while depressing and saddening in some ways, also spreads hope. It is a story full of humanity in the midst of inhuman cruelty. Thus, the film shakes up without crushing its audience. The whole thing is carried by a really great ensemble. In addition to the once again wonderful Judi Dench and the very convincing performances of Jamie Dornan and Caitríona Balfe, it is above all the newcomer Jude Hill, who as Buddy lets us experience the various facets of being a child even in times full of violence and hatred.

"Belfast" is a really successful film that makes a difficult and unfortunately very topical subject through the childlike point of view very accessible and at the same time also very emotional. Entertaining, moving and superbly filmed arthouse cinema that is "absolutely worth seeing" in every respect!

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