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Deutschland 2013 - with Michael Bully Herbig, Alexander Fehling, Mina Tander, Daniel Zillmann, Jann-Piet Puddu ...

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Genre:Comedy, Romance
Direction:Michael Bully Herbig
Cinema release:25.12.2013
Production country:Deutschland 2013
Running time:Approx. 94 min.
Rated:Age 6+

Bully is back! Four years after Wickie and the Strong Men, Michael Bully Herbig has finally returned to the director's chair to direct a big screen comedy. Unlike his previous films, however, this one is not based on a well-known template, i.e. neither a sketch from his Bullyparade nor an animated series. Rather, he ventures into a completely original material, which comes across not only a little more mature, but also much more romantic, than Der Schuh des Manitu and Co.

In the center of Buddy is the millionaire heir Eddie (Alexander Fehling), who is convinced that he leads the perfect life. He can just throw money around, celebrate one party after another and get every woman he wants in bed. The fact that he is in the process of maneuvering his late father's company into bankruptcy and driving his image completely up the wall seems to bother him little. But help is at hand, because one day his guardian angel Buddy (Michael Bully Herbig) appears to the arrogant party boy, who wants to help him finally get his life under control. In return, Buddy wants to set him up with single nurse Lisa (Mina Tander). But how can you play Cupid if you're only mistaken for a hallucination? And so Buddy must first see to it that Eddie believes that guardian angels like him really do exist.

Buddy starts off very fast-paced, with most of the humor, especially in the first third, focusing on very simply delivered slapstick. There is no subtlety here at any moment. Music, facial expressions and gestures in this part of the film are so anxious to make the audience laugh that rather the opposite is achieved. The comedy didn't even need the exaggerated silliness. Because when the gags aren't served with a sledgehammer, the movie works really well and is even the best thing Bully has delivered so far. Even if the story is not exactly filled with fresh ideas and unpredictable surprises, the production can convince with a lot of charm, good timing and a very well harmonizing cast.

While especially Alexander Fehling (Goethe!, Who if not us) proves that he can not only convince in dramatic films, but can also show a great talent for comedic material. And even in the somewhat quieter and romantic moments of the comedy, the actor leaves a really positive impression. Bully himself plays a rather subordinate supporting role alongside Fehling, but his likeable charisma, which makes the comedian, actor and filmmaker so popular with his fans, is strong enough for the whole film to benefit from. Mina Tander finally proves to be a very charming object of desire after Maria, ihm schmeckt`s nicht, whereby she also gets the chance to show her humorous skills here and there.

Apart from some less successful gags and little hangs, Buddy actually has only one problem: it differs too much from its predecessors. Even though this actually has to be seen as a very positive thing, as Michael Bully Herbig reveals a clear development as a filmmaker, it could still stand in the way of a big success. After all, fans expect a certain kind of humour from Bully after The Shoe of Manitou or (T)Spaceship Surprise, but they only get it to a limited extent here. So if you approach Buddy with the wrong expectations, you might be disappointed. But if you're expecting a simply likeable comedy with some slapstick, a few nice guest appearances, good-humored actors, a very good visual realization and with a lot of heart, you'll be really well served here. After the bumpy beginning a really nice comedy, which has absolutely earned the conclusion Worth Seeing!

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