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Hausen - Season 1 - Blu-ray

Hausen - Season 1 - Blu-ray

Deutschland 2020 - with Charly Hübner, Tristan Göbel, Alexander Scheer, Lilith Stangenberg ...

The Frankfurt-Tipp rating - Movie:

Movie info

Genre:TV series, Mystery, Horror
Direction:Thomas Stuber
Sales launch:14.01.2021
Production country:Deutschland 2020
Running time:Approx. 480 min.
Rated:From 16 years
Number of discs:2
Languages:German (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1)
Picture format:16:9 (1920x1080)
Bonus:Booklet, Making of, Interviews, Special Effects Featrure
Region code:B
Label:Eye See Movies (AV Visionen)
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Content: Beautiful is different - that's what 16-year-old Juri (Tristan Göbel) will have thought when he saw his new home for the first time. Because after the death of his mother, the boy must move with his father Jaschek (Charly Hübner) in a completely run-down prefab building on the outskirts of the city, where Jaschek takes a job as a new caretaker. While his father spends the first few days trying to get the heating working again and find his way around the block of flats, Juri soon suspects that things aren't quite right in the house. When a young family's baby disappears, it's just the beginning of an accumulation of strange events. Everything suggests that the ramshackle house has a malevolent life of its own, feeding off the suffering of its tenants. And escape seems impossible. But Juri is determined to confront the house - while his father falls more and more under its dangerous spell.

The Sky production "Hausen" is a truly ambitious series. Director Thomas Stuber and his team have tried, with sometimes very effective means, to wring their very own sides out of the horror genre and combine them with familiar set pieces of the subject. The film was shot in the former government hospital of the GDR and the hospital of the state security. The buildings, which have been empty since 2007, exude a very special atmosphere from which the series undoubtedly benefits. Also the equipment, the visual effects and the sound design contribute to the fact that everything is right here atmospherically.

It must be said, however, that it is sometimes very exhausting to watch "Hausen". This is not only because the action takes place in the dark in most scenes. Overall, everything else here is dreary and gloomy as well. There are no lightening elements whatsoever, just dogged faces, grey walls, dirt and frustration. This is very important for the story, but as a viewer it also hits you hard. Watching several episodes in a row is a real challenge. A little levity here and there could have definitely increased the entertainment value without minimizing the impact of the story.

In addition, there are no real sympathetic characters here. Juri comes the closest, but since he too is the opposite of a lovable sunshine, it's very difficult to emotionally connect with him. However, it has to be said that this is all intentional on the part of the script and director. In the end, it all depends on whether you as a viewer can get involved with it. If you accept the visually as well as dramaturgically dark and dreary narrative, you will be able to fully enjoy the eight episodes of this series - including the somewhat twisted finale with slight David Lynch references. Therefore: A challenging horror-mystery series that can be recommended to anyone who appreciates dark fare Made in Germany, alone because of its atmospheric strengths. Worth seeing!

Picture + Sound: The often very dark image swallows some details now and then and seems here and there a little washed out - which seems to be a deliberately used stylistic device. Overall, the image sharpness is on a good level despite the dominating darkness. The color scheme is reduced, but thereby also very atmospheric. The same goes for the sound, which is available in a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix. This convinces especially with the sound effects, which lead again and again for a pleasantly creepy mood in the dreary prefab building. Good!

Extras: On the second Blu-ray you will find in the bonus offer a making of (about 12:40 min.), consisting of interviews and footage from the shoot. In addition, there are interviews with Charly Hübner (approx. 4:08 min.), Tristan Göbel (approx. 3:30 min.), Alexander Scheer (approx. 4:01 min.), in which the make-up artist also has her say, as well as production designer Jenny Roesler (approx. 3:11 min.). A short special effects featurette (approx. 3:04 min.) rounds out the video extras. The box also includes a booklet with episode guide, character portraits and interviews with director Thomas Stuber and production designer Jenny Roesler.

Conclusion: "Hausen" is an ambitious horror-mystery series from Germany. Visually and dramaturgically, darkness and dreariness dominate the proceedings, which is why the eight episodes are not really light fare. Who can get involved in it, but will be thoroughly entertained. The Blu-ray convinces technically with an atmospheric picture and sound quality and also offers interested viewers a few extras. All in all, that's enough on balance for a satisfied: recommendable!

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp


  • Hausen - Season 1 - Blu-ray
  • Hausen - Season 1 - Blu-ray
  • Hausen - Season 1 - Blu-ray
  • Hausen - Season 1 - Blu-ray
  • Hausen - Season 1 - Blu-ray
  • Hausen - Season 1 - Blu-ray
  • Hausen - Season 1 - Blu-ray
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