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Renegades - Mission of Honor

Renegades - Mission of Honor

Deutschland/Frankreich 2017 - with Sullivan Stapleton, Sylvia Hoeks, Clemens Schick, J.K. Simmons, Charlie Bewley ...

The Frankfurt-Tipp rating:

Movie info

Original title:Renegades
Genre:Adventure, Action
Direction:Steven Quale
Cinema release:28.06.2018
Production country:Deutschland/Frankreich 2017
Running time:Approx. 106 min
Rated:From 12 years

Sarajevo in 1995: Actually, the US Navy SEAL unit of Matt Barnes (Sullivan Stapleton) is stationed in the former Yugoslavia to hunt war criminals on behalf of NATO. But after a mission that went completely off the rails, the men are to be pulled out. But that's when they learn from local girl Lara (Sylvia Hoecks), who's having a secret affair with Matt's chambermate Stanton (Charlie Bewley), about a lost treasure of gold that's been lying at the bottom of a nearby lake since World War II. The men are to help her recover the multi-million dollar treasure - but they're not the only ones looking for the gold.

Renegades - Mission of Honor may have a very prominent name behind it, as star director Luc Besson is responsible for the script and production. And yet the film is the best proof that the summer slump is making itself felt in the cinema. Because otherwise such a B-movie would never have made it to the big screen. Some of the action is quite decent and especially the underwater set is really impressive. It's just a pity that apparently the whole budget went for it, because there isn't much left for the script. There's no other way to explain the terrible dialogue, which alternates with stale clichés with nice regularity.

There are too many scenes where you as a viewer just roll your eyes in annoyance, so that any emerging entertainment value is nipped in the bud right away. Moreover, the production seems as if it somehow got stuck in the 80s. You expect Michael Dudikoff to turn the corner at any moment - those who grew up with the typical mercenary action movies that flooded the video stores in the 80s and 90s will understand what I mean after a few minutes. This may have a certain charm, but it too ultimately suffers the same fate as the action and the set: due to the poor script and the not exactly Oscar-worthy performances of the actors, any potential for a really good action thriller is ruined.

To admit, there are some scenes in which Renegades - Mission of Honor works quite well and can even entertain decently. But the bottom line is that only very average B-ware has been produced here, which is easily consumed, but also forgotten in a flash. Going to the cinema for this? It doesn't have to be. Only very conditionally worth seeing!

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  • Renegades - Mission of Honor
  • Renegades - Mission of Honor
  • Renegades - Mission of Honor
  • Renegades - Mission of Honor
  • Renegades - Mission of Honor
  • Renegades - Mission of Honor
  • Renegades - Mission of Honor
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