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Das GlasBlasSing Quintett: Keine Macht den Dosen! - DVD

Das GlasBlasSing Quintett: Keine Macht den Dosen! - DVD

Deutschland 2012 - with dem GlasBlasSing Quintett ...

Movie info

Genre:Music film
Sales launch:01.06.2012
Production country:Deutschland 2012
Running time:Approx. 99 min.
Rated:From 0 years
Number of discs:1
Languages:German (Stereo 2.0)
Picture format:16:9 (1.77:1), Bonusmaterial in 4:3
Bonus:Clips, Videos, Photos
Region code:2
Label:6:5 / Rough Trade Distribution
Amazon Link : Das GlasBlasSing Quintett: Keine Macht den Dosen! - DVD

Content: Some people are annoyed when the waste glass piles up at home or when you have to carry bags filled with PET empties to the supermarket. Not so Endie, Frank, Fritze, Möhre and Peter, better known as the GlasBlasSing Quintet. The musicians discovered back in 2002 that bottles, no matter what size or material, are perfect for making music. With their bottle music, they first conquered pedestrian zones before finally taking to the big stages in 2006. There the quintet inspires not only with very idiosyncratic interpretations of classical pieces to current hits, but also with original compositions, which are almost exclusively presented on empties, true to the motto: stained glass, white glass, we don't care - we have fun!

After celebrating great success with their first program Liedgut auf Leergut, they went one better with Keine Macht den Dosen. This programme has now been recorded at the Wühlmäusen in Berlin for a DVD release. The two-part program (40 + 60 min.) consists of 19 songs, from Bach to Elvis to Emiliana Torrini's Jungle Drum in a very fun version, as well as several pieces written by the quintet. In doing so, the five gentlemen prove their worth not only with their musical use of glass and PET bottles, but also with their playful use of the German language.

While not all of the gags that the GlasBlasSing quintet has incorporated into its new program work. But the musicians quickly make up for minor lapses with their charming performance and original instrumentation. And interludes like the little course in Harz dialect are then also really very amusing.

So if you want to go on a very special journey through different eras and styles of music, the whole thing in a very original and humorously spiced way served, which comes with this of course deposit-free live DVD fully at his expense. And after watching the program, everyone will probably try out for themselves what sounds can be elicited from the home empties. So the whole thing then also has a very fun side effect.

Simultaneously with the DVD, the GlasBlasSing Quintett also releases the double CD Flaschenmusik 2006 - 2012 with 28 tracks from the two live programs. Admittedly, if you don't see how the quintet creates its unique sound, the whole thing loses a bit of its appeal. But since fans here just under 80 minutes at the best, what the troupe has recorded so far, get, a clear purchase recommendation can also be pronounced here.

Picture + sound: The quite big revelation is not the technical implementation of the concert. But overall, the clean picture and quite rich sound captures the atmosphere in the Berlin Wühlmäusen coherently. Good!

Extras: As a bonus, there are some photos from the various stages of the band's career and a few additional clips. These are either music videos (Der kleine Katzemann, Lieber Weihnachtsmann), amusing instructional videos (Instrumenteneinkauftag, Telekolleg Instrumentenkunde, Telekolleg Songwriting) or just amusing nonsense (Fritzes Zaubershow, Backstage). If you liked the show itself, you'll be well entertained by the bonus material. Good!

Conclusion: With the program Keine Macht den Dosen (No power to the cans) the GlasBlasSing Quintett proves that you can not only make deposit money with empties, but also music. Whether classical, oldies or pop, whether cover versions or original compositions, the five musicians get out of their bottles all imaginable sounds. Spiced up with a lot of humour, the audience is offered a musical performance of a particularly versatile and extremely original kind. In addition to the almost 100-minute program, the live DVD also offers almost 30 minutes of amusing extras. And if that's still not enough, you can also grab the double CD with 28 songs from six years of GlasBlasSing Quintett, which was released at the same time. Recommended - recycling is not necessary!

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp