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Cereal Culture Café - Cornflakes with a difference

Cereal Culture Café - Cornflakes with a difference

Category: Cafes & Bistros

A bowl of cornflakes for breakfast - that is an everyday ritual for many. But that you can make much more sophisticated snacks from cereals, which by far not only taste good for breakfast, you can now convince yourself of this in the Cereal Culture Café in Bornheim Mitte. The idea for this unusual Café came to Michael Stroß when he saw a report on TV about a Cereal Café in London, shortly after he himself discovered by chance how good it can taste to mix different cereals together. The concept was tested out on site in London and was so convincing that Stroß withdrew from his previous business, the burger shop BURGER AG, and set up his own business with two friends.

This is how the Cereal Culture Company was born, which has made a name for itself over the past year at various street food festivals and as a caterer at numerous events. And time and time again, the makers heard one phrase: "You guys really need your own shop." So after the concept convinced not only the makers themselves, but also the customers, the decision for a permanent location was made. The perfect shop was then found in Saalburgstraße, a stone's throw from Berger Straße and the Bornheim Mitte stop. There is now the Cereal Culture Café home. From Monday to Saturday you can enjoy crispy Cereal Bowls in the small, cozy and colorfully furnished shop.

The variations are almost infinite and can be put together individually according to your taste. You can order one of the ready-made "Favorite Bowls", or simply combine whatever you feel like. There are currently around 70 varieties to choose from. The majority of the range is imported from the USA, but there are also cereals from Great Britain, Greece and, of course, Germany. While some particularly popular varieties will be on offer permanently, part of the range will be changed regularly. So there is always something new to discover and taste here. In addition, there are forty flavors and about forty toppings to choose from. The bowls are served with milk, of course - and here, too, there is a choice of different offerings. Currently, almond milk for vegetarians and lactose-free milk are offered in addition to the classic milk. In addition to the bowls, Cereal Culture Café also offers coffee, milkshakes or "Bubble Waffles" - delicious waffles with ice cream, toppings and cereals, served in a handy "To Go" format.

The Cereal Culture Café is like time travel for the taste buds. Whether nutty or fruity, more classic or colourful - when you let the first spoonful of the Cereal Bowls melt in your mouth, you are immediately transported back to your own childhood. This makes almost all guests smile happily, especially at the beginning, which Michael Stroß and his colleagues are particularly pleased about. A really nice concept that has been implemented with a lot of passion. You feel right at home here, you are well advised and you can also eat your way through the colourful variety of cereals. Really delicious and therefore a visit is absolutely recommended!

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 08:00 - 18 Uhr, Sat/Sun 10:00 - 16 Uhr

Address: Saalburgstraße 39, 60385 Frankfurt am Main

You can find more info at: <link https: cerealculturecafe _blank>

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