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The perfect destination for the whole family: The LiLu

The perfect destination for the whole family: The LiLu

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There was actually a time when it was allowed to swim in the Main. A river swimming pool was opened in 1900 on the small Main island on the banks of the Niederräder, which was created by the construction of the first locks at the end of the 19th century, and was used as such until the 1950s. Then, however, the water quality of the Main became so bad that bathing was prohibited. The Flussschwimmbad became the Licht- und Luftbad, which today is really only known as LiLu.

Over the years, LiLu has changed again and again, most recently, for example, by being annexed to the park-like Mainuferzone NU2. But one thing has always remained the same: The beautiful Main Island is a small piece of idyll, a retreat for all Frankfurt residents: here you can lie alone on the lawn and read a good book, meet friends for a picnic or visit the playground with the children. Here, employees from the university clinic and office workers from the nearby office city Niederrad relax during their lunch break and couples in love sit on the benches on the banks of the Main.

An architectural feature has been here for a few years with the PONTON LILU. The Café in ship form can be raised on pontoons at high tide. The Cafés award-winning architecture is a real eye-catcher. Here you can get drinks and snacks, mostly locally sourced, often organic. The PONTON LILU is open daily from 11 a.m. until early evening - depending on the weather and demand.

Among the many destinations in the city, the LiLu occupies a truly special position. The biotope is a beautiful retreat that offers a pleasant contrast to everyday life in the big city with its sunbathing lawns, playgrounds and romantic viewing areas. If you come over the bridge at the former lock to the LiLu, you will come across another special feature here: the beautiful "<link http: _blank>Nature Ship MS Heimliche Liebe", a great nature conservation object that is a very nice symbol for the atmosphere on the Main Island. So if you want to have a relaxing trip again, we can highly recommend the LiLu in Niederrad.

When? Daily 9.00 am until nightfall

Where? Niederräder Ufer 10, 60528 Frankfurt am Main

More info at: <link http: _blank>

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