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180,000 people visit Frankfurt's Dippemess Park

21.09.2021 | 08:14 Clock | Citywhispers
180,000 people visit Frankfurt's Dippemess Park
180,000 people visit Frankfurt's Dippemess Park

The Dippemess Park came to an end on Sunday with a more than positive result. In 15 days, about 180,000 visitors have visited the temporary amusement park in Frankfurt. Thanks to strict Corona regulations, it was possible to enjoy a relaxed public festival atmosphere in the area. Whether this concept works out, both organizers from all over Germany and the nationwide showman industry have followed with great interest.

"Perfect weather, a sophisticated hygiene concept, a particularly successful square architecture and great attractions have made the Dippemess Park a great success story," said Mayor Peter Feldmann enthusiastically at the conclusion of the park. "I myself was there several times with my children and really enjoyed the carnival. The atmosphere on the square was great. Happy visitors, relieved carnies, the twinkling lights, the delicious smells - what did we miss our festivals."

The long queues showed how much people long for such events and offers. Negative proof (3G rule) was required to visit the park, the checks for which led to waiting times during peak hours. Moreover, the number of visitors was limited to 5000 people. A specially set-up testing centre during opening hours was busy all day and the vaccination centre at Dippemess Park also carried out daily vaccinations.

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those involved who contributed to the great success of Dippemess Park. First and foremost to our showmen and women, who worked with full enthusiasm in the park after the long forced break at Corona, and to the municipal Tourism+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main (TCF) for its staying power and the outstanding concept and its implementation. But I would also like to expressly thank all the other municipal institutions and offices, such as the Health Department, for their commitment to the Dippemess Park," Feldmann explained.

The success of the Dippemess Park could also lead the way for other events of this kind. Of course, the focus here is particularly on the Frankfurt Christmas Market. In the coming weeks, we will intensively check which possibilities there are for an implementation and then we will work with all our strength on the realization. Let's hope that the infection situation will allow a Christmas market to be held again in 2021. The success of the Dippemess market is at least positive!

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