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2G ribbon concept in Frankfurt is well received

12.01.2022 | 17:35 Clock | Shopping
2G ribbon concept in Frankfurt is well received

Since a few weeks shopping in Frankfurt is only possible according to the 2G regulation. In order to facilitate the verification of the respective evidence, the 2G ribbon concept was introduced in Frankfurt, as in other cities. After the first few weeks, it is time to draw an initial interim conclusion - and from the point of view of the retail trade, this is quite positive in view of the difficult circumstances: The 2G scheme and its verification demand human and financial resources from retailers. In addition, customers have to expect waiting times in front of the stores. The initiators of the 2G wristband concept are therefore all the more pleased that the admission checks made easier by the wristbands. By implementing the wristband concept, continuous stationary checks of the 2G status in each store are no longer required. This means a significant and pragmatic relief for retailers and continues to offer visitors to Frankfurt security when shopping.

The distribution of the 2G wristbands is organized by the Department of Economics, Law and Reforms of the City of Frankfurt with the support of the Frankfurt Economic Development Corporation. Department head Stephanie Wüst gives an interim summary: "In week 1, we distributed circa 93,000 ribbons to Frankfurt retailers, in week 2 just under 71,000. This week, 65,000 ribbons have been distributed to retailers." While there were no significant remaining stocks to report in week 1, the number of ribbons issued to retailers decreased in week 2. Joachim Stoll, Vice President of the Hesse Trade Association and Vice President of the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says: "The use and distribution of the 2G wristbands enables a largely unrestricted and secure shopping experience in Frankfurt. In addition to the relief of stationary trade, there are no waiting times for customers in front of the stores."

The feedback from retailers and customers confirm the good acceptance of the wristbands. He added that the situation in the retail sector should not be viewed too positively, despite the good response. "The retail sector continues to face major challenges. Additional requirements are exacerbating the situation in the city center and on the shopping streets in the city districts. We are therefore in close contact with the retailers," says Wüst, emphasizing the good cooperation between the institutions, especially the Hesse Trade Association, the Frankfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Frankfurt Economic Development Corporation. On the website of the city of Frankfurt information on handling, issuing points and the current ribbon color are published.

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