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2nd Green Sauce Day in Frankfurt: No world record, but still a success

07.06.2019 | 17:48 Clock | Citywhispers
2nd Green Sauce Day in Frankfurt: No world record, but still a success

Organizers Maja Wolff and Torsten Müller, along with many partners, had done everything they could to ensure that the world record would be broken this year. At the second Green Sauce Day, there was a lot of action. And indeed, significantly more portions of Frankfurt's national dish were consumed. Nevertheless, the second attempt was not quite enough. Under the motto "A celebration for the whole city", numerous restaurants took part in the world record attempt, the historic Römerberg, the Rossmarkt in the city centre, the German Stock Exchange and many districts of Frankfurt attractively presented the Grie Soß. For example, under the motto: "O'zapft isst!" many thousands of freshly tapped portions of Green Sauce were distributed to all visitors in front of Europe's longest escalator in the MyZeil shopping centre. At the Green Dinner on the banks of the Main, visitors could eat Green Sauce at Frankfurt's longest table, and the Dönerschiff offered their Turkish gourmet classic with Green Sauce. And even the animals in the zoo supported the world record: apes and the bush sheep enjoyed the green sauce herbs.

Even at IKEA Frankfurt, a special Grie-Soß dish was offered with "Köttbullar meets Grie Soß" and the Schaan bakery sweetened the day for its clientele with Grüne Soße Kreppeln. The "Frankfurt Rhein Main GmbH Marketing of the Region", together with the Frankfurt Economic Development Agency, distributed over 10,000 to-go portions at Frankfurt Central Station to all commuters and travellers who came to Frankfurt on this day. But it was not only in Frankfurt that the green sauce hype was unleashed on 6 June: Lufthansa even flew more than 15,000 servings of Green Sauce on intercontinental flights from Frankfurt to the world.

Under the motto "Green sauce for everyone - a clean city for everyone", children in schools and KiTas designed their own "Frankfurt tons", which were presented at a fashion show. Meanwhile, Frankfurt's sports organizers celebrated the combination of sports and green enjoyment with their communities on the Mainkai - here the rather cool weather played a trick on the organizers and really only the diehard fans came to pick up their to-go portion.

But despite these great offers, in the end it was "only" enough for 181,096 portions consumed. To reach the record, a total of 231,775 servings of green sauce would have had to be consumed and counted. Numerous locations, companies, initiatives and gastronomy businesses got involved and Maja Wolff is certain: "Green Sauce Day is all about making a joint commitment to our own city - first you win hearts for a day like this, then you set the record!"

The organizing team is highly motivated for the third attempt: "Frankfurt needs a world record and for this we need everyone's participation. After a breather, we are taking a run-up for the 3rd Green Sauce Day in two years!" says Torsten Müller. We are already looking forward to GREEN SOUCE DAY 2021!!

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