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A Bembel in pieces makes for turbulent fun in the Theatrallalla

17.03.2018 | 22:06 Clock | Culture
A Bembel in pieces makes for turbulent fun in the Theatrallalla
A Bembel in pieces makes for turbulent fun in the Theatrallalla
A Bembel in pieces makes for turbulent fun in the Theatrallalla

If you adore Heinrich von Kleist and only want to experience his plays in real-life versions, you should probably stop reading now. Because what Marcel Schilling has made from the comedy "Der zerbrochene Krug" for the Theatrallalla ensemble around Thomas Bäppler-Wolf is really a very free adaptation. "Audaciously according to Kleist". Kleist purists might tear their hair out in view of this musical dialect version. Theatrallalla fans, on the other hand, get exactly what makes this small, likeable theatre in Frankfurt's Nordend so popular: wonderful nonsense, a really good-humoured ensemble, humour above and sometimes a little below the belt and lots of local colour.

In Marcel Schilling's adaptation, the "honourable" judge Adam (Thomas "Bäppi" Bäppler-Wolf) wakes up after a night marked by too much cider and even more lust. Two bloody wounds adorn his thick skull and his wig has disappeared. And now, of all times, his clerk Licht (Stefan Pescheck) informs him that the judicial councilor Walter (Lars Ruth) is on his way from Offenbach to take a closer look at the village judge and his coffers. And as if that wasn't bad enough, he also has to deal with the case of the smashed Bembel of Mrs. Marthe (Ute Ehrenfels), who claims that the good piece was destroyed by a man who sneaked into the chamber of her daughter Eve (Eva Völl) during the night - and only her fiancé Ruprecht (also Stefan Pescheck) would come into question. But he blames a mysterious stranger, whom he could only give two blows on the head until he fled. A coincidence, or does Judge Adam have something to do with it?

Bäppi can judge his audience very well, not least because he has tried his hand at different material and formats over the years. He knows that the Theatrallalla visitors don't want to be offered high culture, but simply want to have fun and laugh hilariously for a few hours. And that's exactly what they get in this quirky Kleist adaptation. The comedy has been completely dusted off and turned into an entertaining slapstick, where the audience has at least as much fun as the good actors on stage.

No matter whether the fact that Stefan Pescheck had to take on a double role for budget reasons is flirted with or whether minor mishaps occur and a meat sausage suddenly flies across the stage - precisely because it is never pretended that great art or absolute perfectionism is being offered here, this delightfully light-footed production can once again score points with a hearty charm that ensures that the guests are still in a good mood long after the thunderous final applause has died down.

Those who love small theatre for its very unique character will once again have great fun with this play. You won't have much chance to enjoy it, though. <link https: veranstaltungen s event der-zerdepperte-bembel.html _blank>Because "Der zerdepperte Bembel" will only be performed on Sunday (sold out), Tuesday and Wednesday at the Theatrallalla. So hurry up and get your last tickets!

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