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A Green Sauce Day for Frankfurt

09.03.2017 | 15:47 Clock | Citywhispers
A Green Sauce Day for Frankfurt

World record attempt aims to bring Frankfurters together

"Ei, so sin mer halt in Hesse, wir schlagen all im Grie Soß esse". This or something similar could be the battle cry on 22 June, when Frankfurt prepares to set a very special world record. And to make sure it succeeds, the whole day will be a big celebration under the sign of the Green Sauce. Maja Wolff and Torsten Müller, the initiators of "Green Sauce Day", know only too well how much the people of Frankfurt love their speciality. After all, the "Green Sauce Festival", which they initiated, is enjoying ever-increasing popularity and is often sold out shortly after the next dates are announced. The two want to use their love for the seven herbs for the ambitious world record project they have been working on for several months. Catering establishments and canteens are to offer the delicacy, so that the Main metropolis on this day becomes the place where the largest amount of green sauce is eaten.

Although the Green Sauce Day will take place everywhere in the city, there will also be some hot spots where a very special stage program will be offered. In addition, the Römer, as well as many other places in the city, will be illuminated green on this day. Thus with pleasure and culture he day can be begun. By the way, the celebration will continue late into the evening, for example with a big "Green Sauce After-Work Party" at Frankfurt's harbour.

For the implementation of this ambitious project, a number of partners have already been won in the form of Tourismus + Congress GmbH, Commerzbank Arena and MyZeil, with whom special activities will be developed for this day. In addition, true to the 7 herbs of the Green Sauce, seven patronages have also been awarded for this day, namely to:

Markus Frank, Head of Department for Economy, Sports, Security and Fire

Rosemarie Heilig, Head of Department for Environment, Health and Human Resources

Ina Hartwig, Head of Department for Culture and Science

Dr. Mathias Müller, President of the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce

Eduard M. Singer, General Director Hessischer Hof, Chairman DeHoGa Frankfurt

Manfred Krupp, Director of Hessischer Rundfunk

Charly Körbel, Eintracht Frankfurt

Although not all final details are in place yet, one thing is already clear: The Green Sauce Day will be a very special experience - not only for Grie Sooß fans.

To ensure that school canteens, which have a fairly small budget at their disposal, can also take part in the world record attempt, there is an opportunity for companies to sponsor the Green Sauce meal for Frankfurt schools. How this will work and all other information about the Green Sauce Day is available on the homepage at: <link http: _blank>

But in any case you should mark the 22nd of June already thick and green in your calendar!

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