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A ringtone for Frankfurt city ringing

06.03.2021 | 13:15 Clock | Citywhispers
A ringtone for Frankfurt city ringing

In Cologne, it's "Mer losse d'r Dom en Kölle!" In Frankfurt, on the other hand, it's "We're bringing the cathedral to your mobile phone!" as of now. Because from now on, the bell of the Frankfurt Cathedral, which is the highlight of the Great City Ringing, is available as a ringtone for your smartphone: "The Cathedral, with its 95-meter spire, is one of the defining elements of our Frankfurt skyline and is an important cultural and historical site of European significance in Frankfurt. It is a personal concern of mine to arouse interest in our dotation churches among a broad public in various ways," says mayor and head of the church department Uwe Becker. "I am pleased that we have developed a Gloriosa ringtone for mobile phones together with the grandson of the city bell composer Professor Paul Smets for all fans of Frankfurt's city bells. This is unique."

With a weight of 11,950 kilograms and a size of over two and a half meters, the Gloriosa is not exactly pocket-sized. But the sound of Frankfurt's most famous bell is now. By download, all interested parties can get the ringtone on for Android or Apple devices uncomplicated and of course free of charge.

This ringtone sounds the Gloriosa alone. It is a special tone with a high recognition value (at least for Frankfurters). The Gloriosa is one of the biggest bells in Germany. It was cast in 1877 after the model of the famous Gloriosa of Gerhard van Wou in the Erfurt Cathedral from 1497. The fact that the entire cathedral bells survived the Second World War unscathed was probably due to favourable circumstances. In 1942, eight cathedral bells also had to be delivered to the Reichsstelle für Metalle. However, the bells remained intact and were located in the Hamburg bell cemetery after the end of the war.

"The city of Frankfurt am Main has a very special connection to the inner city churches. They belong to the city and are part of its identity. It is therefore only natural that I would like to get younger Frankfurt residents in particular excited about the churches, the Great City Ringing and its historical significance, but of course the older devotees of our city ringing are also cordially invited to download", emphasises Uwe Becker. "Perhaps we will also arouse new enthusiasm via the Gloriosa mobile phone ringtone."

In 1830, the Free City of Frankfurt, then a sovereign state, agreed to pay for "the church buildings and appurtenances such as the organ and the like [to be] continually kept in good repair." This was the beginning of the endowment obligation, which has endured to this day and is unique in Germany. It includes St. Bartholomew's Cathedral, the Old Nikolai Church, the Dominican Monastery, the Church of Our Lady, St. Peter's Church, St. Leonard's Church, St. Catherine's Church and the Church of the Three Kings in Sachsenhausen.

So, get this very special Frankfurt ringtone on your phone right now!

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