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A tasty insight into Asian tea culture

13.02.2017 | 10:54 Clock | Culinary
A tasty insight into Asian tea culture

In times when everything is available "to go" and when speed and hectic pace determine everyday life, enjoyment has almost become a luxury. Sometimes just a few minutes of deceleration are enough to experience a very special pleasure. Such a one offers on Wednesday and Thursday (15. + 16.02.) Taiwanese-German women's association DEHUA registered association in the 3rd OG of the Karstadt on the Zeil. Visitors are invited to take part in a traditional tea ceremony on both days. One can enjoy the preparation as well as the following tasting of finest Oolong tea from Taiwan.

In the process, interested visitors will also receive information about the history of tea in Taiwan, learn more about the growing areas and get tips on how to best prepare tea in the different seasons. Best of all, there is no charge to attend this tea ceremony, which takes place between 12pm and 6pm on the hour!

Those who wish can simply drop by or play it safe and reserve a spot on the desired date via email.

So if you want to escape the stress of everyday life for a few minutes, you should definitely drop by the FORMOSA TEA CEREMONY.

<link https: veranstaltungen s event formosa-teezeremonie.html _blank>You can also find more info on start times and registration HERE in our event calendar

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