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A traditional house in transition - overview of the work in the Palmengarten

30.05.2018 | 16:17 Clock | Favorite places
A traditional house in transition - overview of the work in the Palmengarten

(ffm) <link https: freizeit s palmengarten-die-gruene-oase-frankfurts.html _blank>The Palmengarten changes its face almost daily. Flowers bloom and fade, others are about to blossom. The traditional house is in a state of flux - and not only above ground: things are also happening in the cellar vault, at the foundations, in the ring water pipes in the ground or in the lofty heights of the Tropicarium. Be it the technical conversion to district heating, the renewal of the ring water pipes or, as in the Tropicarium, new electrical lines. With the construction of the Flower and Butterfly House, the Palm Garden will also have a new attraction. So some things will be new, others will be renovated. Here is a short interim status.

Ring water pipe

Already since 2013, the ring water pipe in the Palm Garden is being renovated. In consideration of the guests, the pipes are renewed in sections. By the end of May, i.e. in time for the Rose and Lights Festival from 8 to 10 June, the section between the Octagon Fountain and the Play Meadow will be completed. In the fall, work will begin on another section in the area of Villa Leonhardi.

The ring water pipeline is the main artery of the Palmengarten. Its drinking water network and its own water network are each about 3 kilometres long. It was built in the early 1980s and runs largely parallel, mostly underneath the connecting paths. The end of the renovation work is planned for 2019. The cost is about 5.1 million euros.

The Tropicarium

Since February, the so-called North Star (Humid Tropics) has been closed in the Tropicarium. The showhouse is scheduled to reopen at the end of 2018. The Mangrove house has already reopened after renovations there were completed. The South Star (Dry Tropics) will undergo renovations beginning in spring 2019. The tropical conditions have been particularly hard on the building. As a result, many components have aged much faster in the show houses than under normal conditions. In addition, the electrical systems no longer meet today's technical and safety requirements. The renovation of the Tropicarium is scheduled to be completed in 2020. The costs are around 8.2 million euros.

The Flower and Butterfly House

In the future, the building dedicated to the Frankfurt naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647 - 1717) will offer insights into the fascinating world of flower biology. During the winter months, butterflies and their food plants will be displayed here. An educational concept is currently being developed to provide school classes with lively biology lessons outside the classroom. The costs amount to a total of around 8 million euros. Of this, the Palmengarten and Botanic Garden Foundation is covering 2.5 million euros

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