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Additional trains to the Helene Fischer concert in Frankfurt

20.07.2018 | 12:08 Clock | Service
Additional trains to the Helene Fischer concert in Frankfurt

The most important information about the concert of Helene Fischer on Friday evening in the Commerzbank Arena with the<link https: ffm-aktuell s ugc helene-fischer-lockt-die-massen-in-die-commerzbank-arena.html _blank> schedule, standionplan and safety instructions we had already compiled HERE. But now there are still a few small updates, about which we want to keep you in any case still up to date:


There are still some remaining tickets available for the almost sold out concert. You can get them today from 17:30 at the box office directly at the stadium.


The RMV will use some special trains before and after the concert, so that you all really come home safely. The additional offer looks like this:

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof - Stadion

Before the concert starts, there will be two additional trains on line S8 from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to Frankfurt Stadion, stopping in Frankfurt Niederrad. The additional trains will leave at 18:39 (arriving at 18:46) and at 19:23 (arriving at 19:30).

After the concert ends, additional S7 and S8 trains run from Frankfurt Stadion to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof at 23.26, 23.47, 0.09, 0.23, 0.30 and 0.49.

Trains with unscheduled stop in Frankfurt Stadion

Before the start of the concert, the RE70 trains from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to Mannheim Hauptbahnhof will make additional stops in Frankfurt Stadion at 17.12, 18.12, 19.12 and 20.12.

In addition, two trains of the RE70 in the opposite direction (departure 19.14 and 20.14 in Riedstadt-Goddelau) additionally stop in Frankfurt Stadion.

After the end of the concert, the RE70 train from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (departure 0.12 hrs) with onward journey to Mannheim Hauptbahnhof additionally stops at Frankfurt Stadion.

Furthermore, the train from Mannheim Hauptbahnhof to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof stops additionally at the stadium at 23.36 (arrival at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof is at 23.45).

Frankfurt Stadion - Riedstadt-Goddelau

After the end of the concert, an additional train of line S7 departs from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (0.27) to Riedstadt-Goddelau (arrival 1.03).

Frankfurt Stadion - Rödermark-Ober Roden

After the end of the concert, an additional train of line S1 departs at 0.33 h from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to Rödermark-Ober Roden (arrival 1.18 h).

Frankfurt Stadium - Hanau

After concerts, three additional trains run from the stadium to Hanauer (south side) at 22.59, 23.30 and 0.39.

Frankfurt Stadium - Giessen

After concerts, one additional train runs from Frankfurt Stadium to Giessen at 0.05.

<link https: c fileadmin documents pdfs _rmv_de freizeit veranstaltungstipps fahrplan_helene_fischer_20.07.18_s-bahn.pdf _blank>You can find more info about the S-Bahn offer HERE

<link https: www.rmv.en c fileadmin documents pdfs _rmv_en recreation event-tips timetablean_helene_fischer_20.07.18_db_regio.pdf _blank>Further info about the DB Regio special trips HERE

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