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Aktion Deinufer: Your ideas for the car-free northern bank of the river Main

26.06.2020 | 16:50 Clock | Citywhispers
Aktion Deinufer: Your ideas for the car-free northern bank of the river Main

For some it is a pleasure, for others an absolute nuisance, especially in terms of traffic: the closure of the northern Mainufer. The trial phase ends this summer, something that commuters and residents in particular, who are affected by the intensified traffic situation on the Sachsenhausen side due to the closure, have been longing for for months. On the other hand, there are also clear calls for the Mainkai to be permanently closed to traffic. Certainly, a car-free Mainkai has its advantages. However, these have hardly been used in the course of the past months - and not only due to Corona.

Nevertheless, the question naturally arises as to what potential the northern bank of the Main would have if it were to be permanently closed. And this is precisely where your ideas come into play: because in order to enrich the ongoing political debate about how to proceed with ideas for use and design from Frankfurt's citizens, the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM), together with the initiators Crossboundaries and Yuciyu and the Heussenstamm.Foundation and supported by the planning department is carrying out the "Deinufer" campaign.

Planning department head Mike Josef explains the campaign: "For me, a redesigned Mainufer is the logical further development of the old town. If we take out the car traffic, we can create a new public space at the Mainkai, which enriches the entire inner city. The ‚Deinufer' campaign is a concrete platform to talk about what the Mainufer can look like in the future. Many major European cities are taking a similar path to ours. Those who talk about car-free or car-poor city centres must also show what they mean by this. The demand for overall traffic plans does not take away the decision to formulate concrete goals and to implement them. We need impulse projects that can be experienced in concrete terms and show what is possible. The northern Main riverbank shows that."

Andrea Jürges, deputy director of the DAM, adds, "We at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum are delighted to be able to carry out the ‚Deinufer' campaign together with the initiators Crossboundaries and Yuciyu, the Heussenstamm.Stiftung and the planning department. We hope that the handicraft sheet will inspire many to participate, so that we can show and award a wide variety of ideas first at the Heussenstamm.Stiftung in Braubachstraße - with a view of the Mainufer - and later in autumn at our place."

Antje Voigt of Crossboundaries and Petra Schröder of Yuciyu say, "The Mainufer has the value that the people of Frankfurt give it as an urban space. ‚Deinufer' aims to help explore this appreciation against the backdrop of changing functional demands. The development of a concrete concept for use and design is a challenging process that is shaped by different interests. In this context, the ‚Deinufer' project opens up a space for ideas and enables diverse contributions to the discussion."

A handicraft sheet for a model of the Main riverbank and an on-site action serve as a starting point for citizens' own ideas. The A2-format handicraft sheet can be folded into a model with the simplest of means; but it can also serve as a flat basis for idea sketches.

The handicraft sheet will be available on site at workshops, at the DAM, at the Heussenstamm.Foundation and the Historical Museum, as well as online as a download. It can be designed by anyone interested - regardless of workshops - and submitted to the DAM by September 1.

On Saturday, June 27, the action will start on site on the northern bank of the Main: several large-format "Deinufer" (your bank) invite you to create on the Main quay next to the Eisernen Steg. Using chalk (provided on site), everyone is welcome to paint their ideas on site (from 11 am to 4 pm). The results will be documented on site and will become part of the exhibitions at the Heussenstamm.Stiftung from June 28 to July 13 and in the fall at the DAM.

A competition will be held among the entries submitted, 1st prize will be the newly developed DAM Birdhouse. The DAM birdhouse will be produced for the upcoming exhibition "Simply Green", which opens in November at the DAM.

On other dates, citizens can contribute their ideas at workshops in Heussenstamm (June 28, July 5, July 12, each from 2 to 6 pm). Initial ideas will also be on display there until July 13. The painting event at the Mainkai and all workshops at the Heussenstamm.Stiftung are free of charge. A selection of the ideas submitted will be on display at the German Museum of Architecture in autumn.

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