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Apple juice from Hesse: The new "Süße" is there

23.09.2019 | 09:32 Clock | Culinary
Apple juice from Hesse: The new 'Süße' is there

Even if the great heat may be over, there is nothing more refreshing than a cool glass of delicious apple juice. And it is available quite fresh from Hesse in the trade from now on. Because the apple harvest has begun and the apple presses in the Keltereien run at full speed. The freshly pressed naturally cloudy apple juice, called "Süßer" in Hesse, is a speciality that is eagerly awaited every year. Bottled, the "Süßer" has been on the market for a few days and on the tables of traditional apple wine taverns. For quality reasons, the association press houses have set the delivery of the sweet to mid-September in order to be able to process as many ripe apples as possible.

"Even if our wine press houses expect a smaller apple harvest than last year, the Hessians need not fear bottlenecks in this year's ‚sweet' or even their national drink, the cider," explains Martin Heil, chairman of the Association of Hessian Cider and Fruit Juice Press Houses e. V. And further: "We will be below last year with the harvest, but the quality of the apples is very good."

With a social media campaign, the association will now "sweeten" the market launch of the "sweet" a little: "Our traditional cider has continued to gain popularity in recent years," explains Heil. "Our association press houses have always come up with new offers, such as sparkling ciders, single-variety ciders or even mixed cider drinks, and have managed to win over younger target groups as well. With our ‚Hey Sweeter!' campaign, we now want to further raise awareness for a highly emotional product - and also very specifically serve the trend towards seasonal and regional food and drink specialities."

The "sweet" is actually only available for a few weeks of the year, and compared to apple juice, which is made to last longer by filtration and heating, it is also a genuine fresh product - until it becomes a "rouser", i.e. it ferments, and can then no longer be served to children and young people. "That is, of course, a very decisive criterion," says Martin Heil. "The ‚Süße' is, after all, non-alcoholic and therefore also youth-free - and also for drivers a good as well as tasty alternative." The fact that it nevertheless doesn't have to be beer-serious stands for an emotional as well as humorous, down-to-earth and definitely also ambiguous "key visual", i.e. a visual core element of the campaign for the "sweet": a young cider maker who addresses her target group with what she promises - "Hey sweet!"

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