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Babbling for the Tiertafel

17.08.2017 | 08:37 Clock | Culture
Babbling for the Tiertafel

Kelterei Höhl presents: Bäppis Couch Gebabbel at the Cider Festival

It's a nice tradition that Bäppi La Belle provides good mood on an evening at the Cider Festival. Together with the Theatrallalla Palastorchester there will be again on Thursday , 17.08., on the Roßmarkt music, comedy and delightful Hessian Gebabbel. A Frankfurt original celebrates another Frankfurt original - that fits! In addition, the cider prize of the Hessische Apfelweinstrasse will be awarded on this evening. Guests at this special Couch Gebabbel will be city councilor Markus Frank (CDU), Eugen Emmerling (SPD), Bastian Korff (HR), Eduard Singer (Hessischer Hof) and Thomas Feda (TMCR).

But that's not all, because Bäppi La Belle also wants to dedicate the evening to a good cause. As in previous years, a collection will be made for the Frankfurter Tiertafel in 2017. Donations of food and/or money are welcome. Who wants to support the Tiertafel on this evening, should simply bring as much cat and dog food as possible or just put a little more money in the wallet! A really nice action, which is also really necessary. Because the Frankfurter Tiertafel regularly distributes food to needy people and supports needy pet owners with veterinary bills. 8000 Euro per month are needed for this. The Tiertafel receives support from prominent sponsors such as the comedy duo Badesalz.

Who would like to donate: <link http: _blank>

Cider, good mood and still the possibility to do something good - so there is no reason not to visit the Bunten Abend with Bäppi La Belle!

17.8.2017 / 20.00 / Free admission

Cider Festival Rossmarkt

Music: Gabriel Groh with the Theatrallalla Palace Orchestra

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