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Badesalz backstage safari through the Jahrhunderthalle extended

11.11.2022 | 14:37 Clock | Favorite places
Badesalz backstage safari through the Jahrhunderthalle extended

The Jahrhunderthalle is a Frankfurt venue with a very exciting history. To look here once behind the scenes, has already a very special charm. And when such insights are served up with delightful Hessian humor, then it can only be a great success. That's exactly what the virtual backstage safari is, on which the legendary comedy duo Badesalz has been inviting people since May 2021. And since interest remains high, the duration of this virtual look behind the scenes is being extended - initially until May 2023.

The tour, on which Henni Nachtsheim and Gerd Knebel in various roles open doors that otherwise remain closed, but is also a lot of fun, with which you can make yourself, or - especially now in the Christmas season - any Badesalz fan a great pleasure. Online log-in codes for the crazy online safari are available for 24 € via

Has one logged in, starts a completely special, absurd-skurrile, "digital safari", with which Henni Nachtsheim and Gerd Knebel slip into the roles of the sloping birds, which experienced behind the scenes of the venerable house so some. For example, the audience learns what extra requests the service ladies Moni and Hannelore have had to fulfill for certain stars in the course of their work. Or may listen to the stories of the roadies, who are actually the true heroes of the stage and have incredible stories to tell.

Whether on the PC, laptop or projected on the TV, whether alone, with the family or as a watch party with friends or dear colleagues - the Badesalz Backstage Safari offers a funny, but also quite interesting change from the everyday TV entertainment. All you need is a stable Internet connection and an audio output and you're ready to go. By mouse click you come then into a virtual world, which supplies unasked answers and in the typically hessian-sloping Badesalz humor madly helpful background videos holds ready.

The medially ingeniously staged experience journey invites you to participate. Perspectives are turned upside down, the most hilarious secrets are divulged and the most remote corners of the Jahrhunderthalle are explored in an unconventional way. A few surprises await you in the corridors and behind the doors, and when you click, attacks on the diaphragm are virtually pre-programmed. You can't afford to miss this. More information is also available at:

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