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BigCityBeats - Entertainment meets Science

29.01.2020 | 13:30 Clock | People
BigCityBeats - Entertainment meets Science

The Breiters fascinate Hollywood

Bernd Breiter meets John Travolta, Morgan Freeman and Apollo 8 and 13 astronaut Capt. James Lovell

It started with an idea. Bernd Breiter, head of the Frankfurt-based media and event company BigCityBeats and visionary of the WORLD CLUB DOME, saw a documentary about space travel on TV. With his visions of unusual locations where he would like to set up temporary clubs, he had already caused quite a stir in the German event scene many times. But now he had the idea to build a "club" in space. What many dismissed as a crazy crackpot idea was only more incentive for him. He called the ESA and after some explanations he was listened to. What followed was the construction of a "club" in zero gravity, space talks by DJs, the faithful replica of the Ariane 5 rocket on the main stage of the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME in Frankfurt and the sending of the first "DJ" into space: Luca Parmitano, who received lessons on the turntables in Columbus' training module from Breiter and his resident DJ Le Shuuk, played a DJ set on the International Space Station that will be broadcast by the Breiters to Ibiza, the world capital of club music, on a cruise ship converted into a club. In the process, the new ISS commander raised the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME flag on the ISS - a momentum that moved Breiter to tears.

Bernd Breiter's dream became reality. But what has now emerged from a donation of VIP proceeds from the Space Edition of the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Frankfurt, even the Frankfurt entrepreneur would not have believed in his wildest dreams. In the summer, Breiter donated 10,000 euros to the Frankfurt-based aid organisation Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V./Wings of Help (LOG). As a result, he received an invitation to the "Legends Wings of Help Award" in Los Angeles. This award is given to "Living Legends of Aviation" - to personalities who have rendered outstanding service to America's aerospace industry through special achievements.

Last Thursday, the awards were presented at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, exactly there. where the Golden Globes were awarded eleven days earlier. And to Bernd Breiter's complete surprise, he was asked to take the stage at the ceremony. His idea and implementation of interweaving science and entertainment to get young people excited about space was presented and fascinated the guests of the awards. After Breiter, Morgan Freeman came on stage to present the "Jeff Bezos Freedom's Wings Award" to Capt. James Lovell and in his speech judged Breiter's ideas as "Crazyness". "Creative ideas and collaboration are important and an engine of the future," Freeman said, as was necessary on the Apollo 13 mission when Cmdr. Lovell sent the famous phrase to the world from space: "Houston we have a problem."

After the award ceremony Bernd Breiter was even asked backstage for a photo with pilot Thomas Schrade, with actor, pilot and host of the award ceremony John Travolta, with laudator and LOG president Frank Franke and with Capt. James Lovell, astronaut of the two US space missions Apollo 8 and 13. A poignant event for the German entrepreneur.

The US media also showed enthusiasm for the Frankfurter. Thus, two US TV stations want to shoot the story of Bernd Breiter's path from music producer to WORLD CLUB DOME in Space.

But this is still not the flagpole. Before his departure for Los Angeles, another ESA astronaut, Matthias Maurer, was "taught" by Le Shuuk as DJ live in front of 30,000 visitors at the Winter Edition of the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME. The 49-year-old will be the second person to perform on the International Space Station ISS as part of the cooperation between the European Space Agency (ESA) and event organiser BigCityBeats. Maurer spoke about this idea and exciting lunar plans during the event with the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), which already dubbed him the "moon DJ" in the paper. An idea of which Matthias Maurer said: "That would of course be a nice long-term perspective. I still have to convince BigCityBeats boss Bernd Breiter a bit. But 'Moon DJ' would of course be a super title."

By the way, the next WORLD CLUB DOME will take place in Frankfurt from 05 - 07 June 2020. You can find all info HERE

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