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Bornheim clock tower shines in new splendor

17.02.2020 | 08:46 Clock | Favorite places
Bornheim clock tower shines in new splendor

Bornheim without a clock tower? Yes, this horrible idea had indeed become reality for a few weeks. In mid-January, the Department of Culture and Science had the listed Bornheim landmark dismantled. There was a good reason for this measure, however, as the clock tower was in urgent need of renovation. This was done in the past few weeks in a workshop in Groß-Umstadt. Here the beloved landmark was worked on by a metal restorer. In fresh shine shining it was then on Friday, 14 February, again in the district built up.

"For years the Bornheimer landmark was in no good condition, a reorganization urgently necessary. I am all the more pleased that we were able to complete the work after just four weeks and Bornheim's popular landmark is shining in new splendour," says head of culture Ina Hartwig. In order to achieve this, the clock tower was first sandblasted and the layers of paint from previous years removed. A new coat of paint was then applied in close consultation with the Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments. The clock was also completely overhauled. Only the base and the bench of the turret remained in the district, but also received a beauty treatment: the natural stone was cleaned and the wood of the bench was replaced to achieve a uniform appearance. Around 39,000 euros cost the current measure, which is financed from the budget of the cultural office. Already at the beginning of 2019, the clock tower was freed from stickers, adhesive strips and graffiti, but not refurbished.

The landmark was probably built in the second decade of the 20th century. Small sources are available on the exact dating. Based on historical photographs, it can be understood that the clock tower has undergone renovations and a significant remodeling over time. For example, the base construction with bench and natural stone cladding was added between 1970 and 1980 in the course of a remodeling and renovation, and the "gilded sphere" is also not visible in older historical photographs.

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