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Brennerei Henrich provides with the Mandarina Dry Gin for Advent mood

02.12.2020 | 12:10 Clock | Culinary
Brennerei Henrich provides with the Mandarina Dry Gin for Advent mood

Advent, Advent, a little light burns. Surely you know it too: You sit comfortably around the illuminated Advent wreath and enjoy cookies and tangerines. And surely some of you will have held the peel of the tangerine into the candle flame, whereupon a fruity-tart scent spreads throughout the room. This scent - that is typical Advent. It was also precisely this smell that inspired Ralf and Holger Henrich from the Henrich distillery in Kriftel in the Taunus region to give their popular Eleven gin a new recipe and thus reinvent it once again.

The diverse citrus aromas of Eleven were combined with the tart sweetness of tangerine and the herbaceous notes of gin. What resulted tastes exceptionally good: the MANDARINA Dry Gin. "The MANDARINA Dry Gin has become an absolutely exceptional product and we are mighty proud to have dared to take this step", say the two brothers about the latest creation of the traditional family business. About their inspiration they reveal: "With this gin we had one wish from the very beginning: to develop a recipe that uses a lead botanical that we have loved since childhood and that shows our origins as traditional fruit distillers. Who doesn't know it? The refreshing scent of tangerines that hits your nose as soon as you peel it and instantly brings back memories of childhood days."

Until Mandarina Dry Gin was created in its final form, the mandarin was joined by the appropriate armoury of other botanicals in many experimental firings. A total of eleven of them are used: In addition to juniper, thyme, ginger, licorice root, other citrus fruits as well as lemon balm and lemongrass can be found in the recipe. The Mandarina is a modern interpretation of New Western Dry Gin, which can be used in many ways. The gin tastes tart and fruity, with flavors of tangerine zest and the freshness of lime and orange. A slight juniper note and a touch of herbs of Provence complete the taste experience. Pure a soft, sensual experience - as a gin and tonic the absolute freshness kick! This tastes not only in the Advent season, but is also wonderfully refreshing in the summer.

If you are curious about this wonderfully balanced mix of citrus and juniper, you can now convince yourself of the taste of Mandarina Dry Gin! For more info, visit: https://www.brennerei-henrich.en/showroom-mandarina/

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