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Christmas Eve: Bus and tram run (almost) like on Saturdays

22.12.2018 | 13:40 Clock | Service
Christmas Eve: Bus and tram run (almost) like on Saturdays

To the city ringing more space, but fewer trams - From afternoon partly limited offer

(ffm) On Christmas Eve, when experience shows that fewer people are on the road, traffiQ adjusts the schedules of the urban transport to demand. On this day, the Saturday timetable applies. Some less frequented lines will no longer run from 6 p.m. onwards, in some cases even earlier. On the two Christmas holidays, all buses and trains operate as on Sundays.

Of course, the lines of the "new night transport" also operate at night over the Christmas days according to the timetable.

To <link https: freizeit s frankfurter-stadtgelaeute-ein-konzert-mit-50-glocken.html _blank>City bells more space in subways, but fewer trams

The traditional city bells attract thousands of people to the city center early on Christmas Eve every year - <link https: freizeit s frankfurter-stadtgelaeute-ein-konzert-mit-50-glocken.html _blank>you can find more info about this beautiful tradition HERE.To make it easy for them to get to and from the concert, traffiQ is offering more space on the U1, U6 and U7 subway lines by adding extra cars.

Trams 11, 12 and 14, however, will not be able to run through the Altstadt between 3pm and 7pm due to the large number of visitors. Coming from the west of Frankfurt, line 11 ends at the main station and line 12 at Willy-Brandt-Platz. In the east they will be connected to one line: As line 11, it runs from Schießhüttenstraße to the Börneplatz/Stoltzestraße stop and then as line 12 via Konstablerwache and Bornheim Mitte back to Fechenheim, to Hugo-Junkers-Straße, and back. Line 14 will only run between Gustavsburgplatz and Hauptbahnhof, and between Ernst-May-Platz and Lokalbahnhof.

Some lines with limited service

The U9 subway line, as well as bus lines 65 and 71, will discontinue service around 3 pm. Around 6 p.m., tram lines 15 and 21 will follow, as well as bus lines 25, 35, 38, 69 and 75. Bus lines 45, 47 and 48 will end their service at around 8 p.m.

On bus line 29, the additional trips between Nieder-Eschbach and the industrial park, as well as between Kalbach and Nordweststadt, will be cancelled from around 3 p.m. onwards. On bus line 36, this affects the amplified trips between Eschenheimer Tor and Hainer Weg from about 7 p.m.

Please inform in good time!

traffiQ recommends all passengers who still want to travel by bus and train late on Christmas Eve to inform themselves in good time about "their" timetable. The timetable book and the timetables posted at the stops indicate how each line will operate on Christmas Eve

In addition to the printed timetables, the information is of course available on the RMV service telephone 069/2424-8024, which is available around the clock, and at <link http: _blank>

Transport Island Closed

The mobility center "Verkehrsinsel" at the Hauptwache will be closed on Christmas Eve.

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