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Clear words after diesel verdict: Lord Mayor Feldmann calls for 365-euro ticket

07.09.2018 | 16:18 Clock | Citywhispers
Clear words after diesel verdict: Lord Mayor Feldmann calls for 365-euro ticket

(ffm) Not only since the diesel verdict last Tuesday is clear: The air in the major cities of Hesse must become cleaner. Mayor Peter Feldmann calls on the state of Hesse to invest massively in public transport after the ruling: "The state of Hesse must at least double its efforts", says Feldmann. "It is especially important for a commuter city like Frankfurt that more people than ever leave their cars behind." To achieve this, investments must be made above all in the route network. Some projects have already been initiated, such as the Gateway Gardens S-Bahn station, which is currently under construction. But the agenda must also include a rail ring around Frankfurt, the extension of existing S-Bahn lines, the reactivation of disused lines, the modernisation of stations and investment in Frankfurt's main station.

Step by step with the investments in the rail network, the prices at RMV should also be adjusted. In connection with the expansion of the infrastructure, Feldmann sees a network-wide 365-euro ticket as a goal to encourage many people to switch to bus and train: "Citizens must not think about whether car or train is cheaper for them."

In Baden-Wuerttemberg, the state government has announced a program worth hundreds of millions of euros to help communities like Stuttgart keep the air cleaner. For Hesse, Mayor Feldmann is calling for investments of at least 200 million euros a year. This would not only pay for cheaper fares, but also expand the infrastructure. As a matter of course, the Lord Mayor demands that the state appeal and take action against the diesel decision. Feldmann continues: "Everyone needs generous transition periods to convert vehicles, people's willingness to convert must be financially secured and rewarded, as with the catalytic converter."

Mayor Feldmann also renewed his call for the state to invite to a Hessian diesel summit to look for common solutions. Last week, Feldmann had also appealed to the federal government to take initiatives in the interest of consumers and local trades to prevent the expropriation of car owners. He said that the announced one billion euros for electromobility, when broken down to Frankfurt, was not a big deal. "Federal support is just the famous drop in the ocean. What really helps is forcing diesel vehicles to be retrofitted."

"It is also clear that the automotive industry, must finally share the responsibility. It was the automotive industry that lied to the face of the people in our country and deceived them with falsified data. In the U.S., billions in fines would have already had to be paid by the industry."

In short, he said, state and federal policymakers and industry have a responsibility to protect skilled trades, businesses and local residents alike. The time for a turnaround in politics has become highly urgent due to the Frankfurt verdict and those that will follow

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