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CLOTHERS MAKE PEOPLE - event technician one of the Corona heroes of everyday life

17.12.2020 | 11:49 Clock | People
CLOTHERS MAKE PEOPLE - event technician one of the Corona heroes of everyday life
CLOTHERS MAKE PEOPLE - event technician one of the Corona heroes of everyday life

Once again in December, the CLOTHERS MAKE PEOPLE campaign pays tribute to everyday Corona heroes. This time, the campaign focuses on an industry that has been particularly hard hit by the restrictions of the Corona pandemic. The event industry! Extreme drops in sales, short-time work, hardly any orders are the consequences of the pandemic. Artists, corporate and sporting events, festivals, concerts, balls and galas are cancelled, at best postponed indefinitely. The ban on events imposed by the federal government is tantamount to a professional ban. The sixth largest branch of industry in the Federal Republic of Germany, with a turnover of 130 billion euros and more than a million employees, has been deprived of any basis for its work. And an improvement is not in sight at least in the next months.

Peter Dressel (41J) is an independent entrepreneur with the "DRESSEL - Group Event Technology" in the national and international project management for event technology on the road. Since 1999, he has been ensuring that sound, lighting, video, stages, lasers and decoration harmonize and function perfectly at events worldwide. "Among other things, I have been allowed to equip the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai, international conferences, provide technical support for the Klitschko boxing matches, I and my colleagues from Darmstadt-Weiterstadt have been involved in the Bambi awards and, of course, the charity galas "Kleider machen Leute".

Dressel started out as a hobby DJ. Not surprisingly, he pays special attention to well-tuned lighting and the perfect sound. The former gymnast still goes into the truss construction himself, screws, sets moving lights and led lights, sometimes at dizzying heights. "For us, people from the event industry are among the Corona heroes of everyday life" say the initiators of the campaign "Clothes make the man" Stephan Görner and Sven Müller. "They are particularly affected by the pandemic. Survival anxiety, lack of plan and perspective prevail since spring 2020 and an end is not in sight."

This year, the campaign "Clothes make people" honors the Coronahelden of everyday life. These include, for example, delivery men, garbage collectors*, rescue and care workers, police officers*, firefighters, cashiers* and many more. They don't work in their home offices, but work every day to keep a city clean and safe. First they are photographed by Daniel Baldus at their workplaces and then in their tailor-made suits by men's outfitter Stephan Görner. This is how great photos were taken in the Dressel Group warehouse. Appreciation, recognition and respect for hard-hit industries and the people behind them are the campaign's message. We want to appreciate what these people can normally achieve if they are simply allowed again, say Görner and Müller, who themselves are affected this year by the cancellation of the gala "Kleider machen Leute" on 23 January 2021.

"We would have liked to celebrate again exuberantly, collected donations for a good cause for the LEBERECHT Foundation, but we also have to protect our guests, employees, artists and service staff from possible infection. That's why we decided to cancel the event this year and revive it on January 22, 2022," said Görner and Müller. Of course, Peter Dressel, who has been in charge of the fashion and lifestyle event for five years now, will also be there. He will then not only perform the technology, but also with his new jersey stretch suit in classic chic from the house of Görner, as one of the Coronahelden 2020 stroll on the catwalk.

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