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CLOTHES MAKE PEOPLE - A Christmas messenger in a white tux

14.12.2016 | 15:02 Clock | People
CLOTHES MAKE PEOPLE - A Christmas messenger in a white tux
CLOTHES MAKE PEOPLE - A Christmas messenger in a white tux

Third floor, top left. Finally, Grandma Hilde can receive her grandchildren's Christmas package. She has been looking forward to it so much. Constantin Repede brought it to her. The man from Stuttgart personally delivers around 250 parcels a day on behalf of GLS during the Christmas season. For many, he is something like Santa Claus, bringing gifts or personal messages - and always with a smile.

Early in the morning, the haulier and his delivery drivers stand at the conveyor belt in the GLS depot, accepting parcels and packages and loading the delivery vehicles. Before Christmas and at other busy times, Constantin also sits behind the wheel himself and delivers the parcels, like the one from Grandma Hilde. He drives through rush-hour traffic in rain and snow, his thick GLS anorak protecting him from the wind and weather. Unfortunately, it doesn't show off his great figure to its best advantage. Quite different from the photo shoot for Kleider machen Leute: Constantin won the casting of the parcel service provider GLS Germany, which participates in the campaign, and now wears a white tuxedo from Görner.

The father of two has been married since 2011, coaches the children of the U10 of TSV Strümpelbach in football and is happy about his first tailor-made tuxedo. Stephan Görner: "a great guy, tall, muscular, handsome, the fine thread fits him like a glove."

The transport operator and delivery driver is the focus of Stephan Görner and Sven Müller's campaign in December 2017. Appreciation, recognition and respect for people who usually don't wear a costume or suit to their workplace, but without whom a big city wouldn't function, is what the two initiators want to achieve.

A calendar with twelve motifs will be published at the end of this year. "There are great photographs in it," says Sven Müller. Nikita Kulikov is the name of the photographer, who can almost be called an artist.

More info is available at: <link http: _blank>

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