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CLOTHES MAKE PEOPLE - attractants and fine cloth

15.10.2018 | 12:02 Clock | People
CLOTHES MAKE PEOPLE - attractants and fine cloth
CLOTHES MAKE PEOPLE - attractants and fine cloth

It's dark, smells musty and you can hear a sonorous buzzing in the rafters. The attic, basement rooms or the sewage system are the operational areas of pest controller Werner Brendel (59). Since 1979, the father of three has been practicing his profession in the second generation. He takes care that rodents such as rats and mice or cockroaches do not settle in kitchens or pantries, hospitals or nursing homes. "I control pests all year round; in June, for example, we had local problems with the unicorn processionary moth in Hesse. The fine stinging hairs of the caterpillars can cause skin itching, breathing difficulties or even allergic shock on contact. Wasps are very aggressive in late summer. Here I am often ordered by family fathers with small children to remove this danger." Brendel hardly ever has to spray insecticides. He works almost exclusively with attractants, so-called pheromones. These attractant traps are cardboard boxes or boards with species-specific pheromones and glue. The male insects follow the attractants, which are normally emitted by females, and get stuck on the glue. This can reduce the number of matings, and thus the number of offspring, in some insect species to the point where damage is minimal.

In his spare time, Werner Brendel enjoys watching football and is a fan of Borussia Mönchengladbach. In the past, he himself was a gifted kicker, played together with gala organizer Sven Müller Oberliga at Hanau 93. On November 10, the pest controller wears the new tuxedo, which tailor Stephan Görner tailored to his body at the charity gala "Clothes make the man". The campaign stands for recognition, appreciation and respect for people with sometimes unusual professions who do not usually work in tailored suits, but without whom a city like Frankfurt am Main would not function. Angela Kropp and Matthias Czeikowitz photographed Brendel in action against wasps on a roof truss, first authentically, then in a tailor-made suit.

For more info on the campaign, go to: <link http: _blank>

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