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Construction sites of the Frankfurt subway and tram until the end of 2019

01.10.2019 | 16:26 Clock | Service
Construction sites of the Frankfurt subway and tram until the end of 2019

Even though the very big subway construction site was mastered during the summer holidays, there are still isolated construction works to be done on the Frankfurt subway network. VGF will continue its maintenance work on the subway and tram network until the end of 2019, with the focus now on the tram network after the subway summer construction site. Track construction in Niederrad was completed between 12 and 23 August. For background on the associated track greening, see the August 22 VGF blog post "The track is blooming" at

Also completed is work on the track on the harbor bridge from Saturday, September 7, to Monday, September 9. Still to come are work on the U3 alignment (Oct. 21-Nov. 25) and track and switch work at Adalbert Street/Castle Street from Saturday, Sept. 28-Nov. 4. Both works will result in service disruptions to regular routes and use of replacement buses.

Be prepared for the following construction work in the coming weeks:


Line U3:

Track construction Oberursel between Oberursel and Bommersheim

Monday, 21. October, 2 o'clock, until Monday, 25. November, 3 o'clock

Line U3 runs between Südbahnhof and Weißkirchen

.SEV with articulated buses between Weißkirchen and Oberursel Hohemark


Line 12:

Track Construction Council Way Bridge

Monday, 23. September, approximately 2 a.m., through Monday, 14. October, 3 o'clock

Line 12 between between Eissporthalle and Hugo-Junkers-Straße interrupted


Line 12 disrupted between Eissporthalle and Rheinlandstraße

SEV will not be established.

Line 16:

Switch renewal Adalbert- and Schloßstraße

Saturday, 28. September, circa 3:30 a.m., through Monday, November 4. November, circa 3 a.m.

Line 16 runs between Offenbach city limits and Messe

.EEX- line trips end in the football loop

SEV with articulated buses between Messe and Ginnheim

No line affected:

Track construction overpass track Schloßstraße

Saturday, 28 September, circa 2 a.m., until Saturday, 2. November, circa 3 a.m.

No flyover trips via Schloßstraße and no trips to Westbahnhof possible.

Elevator modernization:

Refurbishment or. Replacement of older equipment in stations, subway service is not affected.

To September:

U Schweizer Platz: 1 escalator

Work began during summer construction but has not been completed on schedule. The two new escalators at Südbahnhof station are in operation.

August / December:

U Bornheim Mitte: 4 escalators

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