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Cordula Grün - Tobi Kämmerer brings summer hit to Hesse

31.08.2018 | 15:13 Clock | Culture
Cordula Grün - Tobi Kämmerer brings summer hit to Hesse

The summer has already passed its peak - and also the race for the summer hit of the year was for many already decided. Then hr3 Morningshow host Tobi Kämmerer suddenly came around the corner with a brand new song: Cordula Grün.

The song by the Austrian artist Josh has become a real hit on the radio station and is a real catchy tune.

Inviting the likeable singer Josh to a small, exclusive concert in Frankfurt as a thank you for saving the summer musically was definitely a logical step. On Thursday evening Tobi and Tanja celebrated together with many hr3 listeners the song Cordula Grün at the Hessischer Rundfunk in the Bertramstraße. Who knows, maybe after this successful start there will be a reunion on a bigger stage soon?

The team is already a fan and says THANK YOU to Tobi and THANK YOU to Josh for the great song!

<link https: music stars-at-hrdrei _blank>You can watch the video of Josh's performance at hr3 HERE

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