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Corona crisis -General order of the city of Frankfurt am Main against hoarding purchases

24.03.2020 | 09:47 Clock | Citywhispers
Corona crisis -General order of the city of Frankfurt am Main against hoarding purchases

In times of the Corona crisis, most people show an extremely high level of solidarity and prudence. But there are still some negative observations, like the so-called hoarders. These are now to be countered within the framework of a new general decree. According to this, only household quantities may be sold in shops in Frankfurt. In addition, the number of people allowed in shops will be limited. Also with more than one shopping cart no one should be on the road.

"Almost all Frankfurt behave exemplary, have also older people in mind, are respectful of the supermarket employees - but again and again we hear of cases where a few are unsolidaristic, insult other customers and sometimes even the employees in the stores when they want to enforce household quantities," says Mayor Feldmann. He hopes that the situation will now improve. "With this order, we want to quite specifically stop the unspeakable practice of hoarding purchases," emphasizes the Lord Mayor.

In Frankfurt trade, the following rules now apply until initially April 19, 2020:

1.For each started sales area of 20 m² only a maximum of one person may be admitted to the sales area, so with, for example.e.g. 800 m² sales area a maximum of 40 persons at the same time. If persons leave the sales area, the same number of persons may be admitted. Each customer shall use a shopping cart, if available. The number of shopping trolleys available shall be limited to the maximum number of persons. The outlet may also take other equally effective measures.

A minimum distance of 1.5 metres shall be maintained between persons. If such a minimum distance cannot be guaranteed in individual cases, the contact time shall be limited to the absolute minimum necessary and shall not exceed 15 minutes. This also applies to contacts between staff and the organisation of work breaks. Several cash registers may only be opened with a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between the individual cash registers, unless suitable separating devices are available. This also applies to the lateral distance between the checkout queues. The same applies to counters. Surfaces with frequent hand contact (e.g. door handles, handholds, handrails and shopping trolleys) must be cleaned regularly, but at least every working day. All premises with windows that can be opened shall be ventilated several times a day (shock ventilation for 10-15 minutes). Staff shall have a means of washing their hands. The washing area shall be equipped with at least one dispenser for soap. Disposable towels are to be preferred, otherwise personal use of towels is to be ensured. Everyday hygiene measures (hand hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette) are to be observed. Shaking hands is to be refrained from. The hygiene measures to be observed are to be displayed in a clearly visible manner (e.g. posters of the Frankfurt am Main Health Department, BZgA, etc.).

2.People waiting in front of the point of sale are to be made to keep an appropriate distance of at least 1.5 metres from each other. All the above measures shall be arranged by the staff of the point of sale and compliance therewith shall be ensured by them.

3. Only goods in a household size may be given to one person.

4. The right to extend the deadline is reserved.

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