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Discover new sides of Frankfurt for more social distancing

03.04.2020 | 14:45 Clock | Citywhispers
Discover new sides of Frankfurt for more social distancing

The city has many beautiful corners to offer besides the banks of the Main and the parks. And exactly those are worth discovering now during walks. Because with the current outlook, the spring sun is guaranteed to attract many Frankfurters to the parks and the banks of the Main again in the next few days. Probably too many, so that it will be difficult to keep the distance regulations. This also became clear last Saturday, where it was especially crowded on the Lohrberg, on the inner-city bank of the Main, along the Nidda and around the Jacobi pond.

"We all find it difficult to stay at home in this great spring weather because of the risk of infection by the Corona virus. A walk as a couple and with the family in the fresh air is also good for us. But Frankfurt has so much more to offer than the well-known places," said Rosemarie Heilig, Head of the Department of the Environment. "Those who love the Main can also explore the Schwanheim or Fechenheim banks of the Main, and from there cycle or hike further into the GrünGürtel. It's particularly beautiful in the Sossenheimer Unterfeld and on the Berger Hang, where the fruit trees are just starting to blossom." A tip from the head of the environmental department: "Why don't you go to our Facebook page Frankfurt Green City. There we present charming paths in the series ‚Small Escapes'." There's also more at http://www.grüngü

Even in the currently unusually quiet city forest, there are many places that are worth a short trip, such as to the Schwanheim old oaks. Heilig points in this context to the still high risk of forest fires. "Any spark can ignite the dry leaves and scrawny branches from last fall! Please be careful not to drop a cigarette butt and immediately report any smoke you observe."

Playgrounds, ball fields, fitness and skate parks will remain closed, as will barbecue areas in public green spaces. "Please abide by these regulations. This is not a Frankfurt special way, but a regulation of the Hessian state government. Keeping your distance is the be-all and end-all of us to protect ourselves from the Corona virus," is Heilig's urgent appeal.

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