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Doubling of guests and overnight stays compared to the previous year

03.03.2023 | 23:11 Clock | Business
Doubling of guests and overnight stays compared to the previous year

Guest and overnight stays Frankfurt am Main 2022

"In 2022, Frankfurt am Main registered 8,602,191 overnight stays and 4,748,450 overnight guests. This represents an increase of 105.4 and 122.3 percent, respectively. The tourism industry in our city has recovered significantly from the second third of the year," said Stephanie Wüst, Head of the Department of Economic Affairs, at the press conference on the guest and overnight stay figures for the city of Frankfurt am Main. Together with Thomas Feda, Managing Director of Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main (TCF), she presented the evaluations, background and analysis of the guest and overnight stay figures 2022.

Until the start of the pandemic, Frankfurt am Main was able to achieve better results in guest and overnight stay figures year after year. The Corona crisis had abruptly interrupted this record chase. In 2022, numerous travel restrictions were lifted or relaxed from the spring onwards, so that in the following months the number of guests and overnight stays increased significantly compared to the previous year and even more than doubled cumulatively for the year. "The month of July was even the strongest July ever in terms of overnight stays," added TCF Managing Director Thomas Feda. "The figures show that we are on the right track with our strategy and investments in the tourism location."

In the domestic market, the number rose to 5,415,607 overnight stays (+88.2 percent) and 3,151,378 guests (+107.5 percent). The trend toward city breaks within Germany continues, with figures approaching pre-pandemic levels again (-10.7 percent in overnight stays to 2019).

From foreign source markets, there was also a significant year-on-year increase, with 3,186,584 (+143.1 percent) overnight stays and 1,597,072 (+158.9 percent) guests. Compared to pre-pandemic levels, this still represents a 32.5 percent drop in overnight stays.

The European source markets in particular saw significant increases: Great Britain (204,177 overnight stays, +137.9 percent) was ahead of Spain (161,174 overnight stays, +177.8 percent), Italy (153,123 overnight stays, +134.5 percent) and France (133,457 overnight stays, +96 percent). From the Netherlands (156,169 overnight stays, +139.1 percent) even the level before the pandemic was exceeded.

With a total of 1,420,412 overnight stays (+181.7 percent) from overseas, the U.S. continued to provide the largest contingent of guests with 530,497 overnight stays (+179.7 percent). Unlike in the past, however, it was not followed by China, but by two European source markets: Great Britain and Spain. Second place in terms of overnight stays among overseas markets was achieved by the Arab Gulf States (126,230, +98.7 percent), followed by India, Korea and China.

Frankfurt's accommodation industry suffered very badly from the Corona pandemic. Many hotel establishments had to close temporarily or long-term due to the accommodation ban for private travelers and the ongoing global travel restrictions. During 2022, the absolute bed supply increased to 60,413 beds. This actually represented an increase compared to before the pandemic began (+1.1 percent over 2019 and +8.5 percent over 2021). "The number of accommodation establishments has increased by 3 establishments to 278 compared to the previous year. However, compared to 2019, the number has decreased by 33 establishments. Newly added are obviously larger establishments with a high bed volume, whereas some smaller establishments have not opened anymore," concluded TCF Managing Director Thomas Feda.

The average bed occupancy rate has increased to 39 percent (+18.4 percent to 2021). This corresponded to a room occupancy rate of about 50 percent. The average length of stay decreased from 1.96 days to 1.81.

Economy Director Wüst said, "For 2023, we expect another increase in guest and overnight stays and a further approach to past record results. For both business and tourism purposes, choosing Frankfurt am Main is always a good decision. I am confident that this will also be reflected in the next reporting figures."

The complete 2022 guest and overnight figures for Frankfurt am Main can be found here:

Guests and overnight stays in 2022

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