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Ed Sheeran in Frankfurt - All concert info at a glance

20.09.2022 | 14:09 Clock | Culture
Ed Sheeran in Frankfurt - All concert info at a glance

This coming weekend, the wait is finally over: on September 23/24 and 25, 2022, superstar Ed Sheeran will be in Frankfurt for three shows at once with his Mathematics Tour, where he will perform at Deutsche Bank Park. The concerts on Friday and Saturday have long been sold out, for Sunday there are still a few tickets available (as of 20.09.2022). Many fans have been looking forward to the Frankfurt guest appearance of Ed Sheeran for months, who last visited the Main metropolis in November 2017 as part of his successful "Divide Tour". So that this anticipation is not marred by annoyances at the journey or at the entrance and you can enjoy a carefree and simply brilliant concert evening, we have summarized the most important info for you here:

The most important thing is of course the tickets.

Load your ticket on your cell phone. If you have purchased tickets for more than one person, forward them to each person so they can also load their tickets onto their cell phones. IMPORTANT: You must enter the stadium together as a group with the main buyer. The main buyer must show in addition to the ticket at the entrance still a booking confirmation by mail (stored on the cell phone or printed out), as well as a valid photo ID.

Also make sure that your cell phones have enough juice. It would be annoying, if the battery says goodbye shortly before the admission!

Here you can find again all the info about Eventim.Pass

All tickets are automatically scanned at the entrances. If you have any questions or problems, the security staff will be happy to assist you. There will be designated "Trouble Counters" at the entrances E1, E2 and E4, where any questions and problems regarding digital ticketing can be clarified.

IMPORTANT: Re-entry after leaving the event area is not possible.

Admission / concert start / end

The stadium gates open at 4 pm, the concerts then start at 18:00 pm.


Ed Sheeran will not be on stage right away at 6 pm. But there is of course a supporting program. This will be contested on Friday and Sunday Cat Burns and Griff, on Saturday Dylan and Griff will be on stage as openers.

The actual show, in which Ed Sheeran will perform over 20 songs from his previous albums, ends at approx. 22:30.

Arrival & Parking:

The concerts will take place in Deutsche Bank Park.


Mörfelder Landstraße 362

60528 Frankfurt am Main

Go here for the site plan

Those who can, should definitely arrive by bus and train:

To ensure that fans reach the stadium comfortably, some additional trips will be offered in addition to the regular connections to the stadium. For this purpose, the ticket for the event is valid as a ticket for round trip within the RMV:

Additional suburban trains

Friday, 23. September

departure "Frankfurt main station" at 18.55 o'clock, 19.29 o'clock and at 20.04 o'clock; arrival at the stadium in each case six to eight minutes later.

departure "Frankfurt Stadion" at 22.30 clock, 22.57 clock, 23.18 clock, 23.30 clock and 23.45 clock arrival "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof" each six to nine minutes later.

Saturday, 24. September

departure "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof" at 17.34 clock, 17.55 clock, 18.37 clock, 19.05 clock, 19.40 clock and at 20.05 clock; arrival at the stadium& each six to nine minutes later.

departure "Frankfurt Stadion" at 22.30 clock, 22.58 clock, 23.14 clock, 23.30 clock, 23.45 clock, 23.57 clock 0.13 clock and at 0.27 clock, arrival "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof" each six to eleven minutes later.

Sunday, September 25

departure "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof" at 17.38, 18.04 clock, 18.37 clock, 19.05 clock, 19.55 clock and at 20.03 clock; arrival at the stadium in each case five to ten minutes later.

departure "Frankfurt Stadion" at 22.33 clock, 23.03 clock, 23.14 clock, 23.28 clock, 23.44 clock, 23.57 clock, 00.15 clock and at 0.27 clock, arrival "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof" each six to nine minutes later.

Additional trains


Trains to the stadium

From Fulda from 15.39 with stops at all en route stations to "Frankfurt Stadion"; arriving at "Frankfurt Stadion" at 17:20.

From Marburg starting at 3:39 p.m. with stops at all en route stations to "Frankfurt Stadion"; arriving in "Frankfurt Stadion" at 5:00 p.m.

Trains after the end of the concert

.Direction Marburg

RB41 from "Frankfurt Stadion" at 23.06 (only on September 24 and 25!) via Hanau and Friedberg, reaching Giessen at 0.21 and Marburg at 0.44.

Direction Fulda

From "Frankfurt Stadion" at 23.16 clock (only on 23 September!) with stops at all stations to Fulda, arriving at 0.46 clock.

From "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof" at 23.42 clock (only on 23 September!) with stops at all stations to Fulda, arriving at 1.08 clock.

Direction Glauburg

From "Frankfurt main station" at 23.46 (on 25 September!) via Bad Vilbel to Glauburg-Stockheim, arriving at 0.39.

Direction Hanau

From "Frankfurt stadium" at 23.20 clock, arrival in Hanau at 23.40 clock (only on 24 and 25 September!).

Additional stops at the stadium.

RE70 from "Frankfurt main station" at 16.12 o'clock, 17.12 o'clock, 18.12 o'clock (only on 23. and 24. September!), 19.12 o'clock and 20.12 clock, stop in "Frankfurt Stadion" at 16.21 clock, 17.20 clock, 18.22 clock (only on 23 and 24 September!), 19.21 clock and 20.22 clock.

RE70 coming from Mannheim in Riedstadt-Goddelau at 16.15 clock, 17.14 clock, 18.14 clock, 19.14 clock and 20.14 clock, stop in "Frankfurt Stadion" at 16.33 clock, 17.36 clock, 18.29, 19.33 clock and 20.34 clock.

RE70 from Mannheim arrives at "Frankfurt Stadion" at 22.38 and 23.37, stops at "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof" at 22.46 and 23.45.

RE70 from "Frankfurt Stadion" at 18.20 (only on 25 September!), 22.22, 23.20 and 0.22 (only on 24, 25 and 26 September!), stop in Riedstadt-Goddelau at 18.38 clock (only on 25 September!), 22.41 clock, 23.43 clock and 0.41 clock (only on 24, 25 and 26 September!).

Buses and trams

Tram line 21 will be reinforced by line 20 between Frankfurt Central Station and Stadion, so that trains will run at short intervals.

Between "Südbahnhof" and the stop "Stadion/Osttribüne" special buses of line 80 supplement bus line 61 with articulated buses at frequent intervals.


The area can also be approached comfortably by bicycle.


The arrival by car should be avoided if possible, especially since there is only a limited number of parking spaces. Who nevertheless does not want to do without the car, should arrive as early as possible.

Detailed info on how to get there can be found at:

Should there be any additional traffic measures at short notice, these will be announced in the days before the shows at announced.

Bag regulation

Be prepared for increased security checks. So that there are no nasty surprises at the entrance, note that only bags and chest bags with a maximum size of a DIN A4 sheet (approx. 20x30cm) are allowed on the stadium grounds. Also allowed are liquid hygiene and health items up to 100ml (max. 2 pieces per person) in suitable plastic containers.

Not allowed to bring


Larger bags and backpacks

Cameras and other technical equipment

selfie sticks


Bicycle and motorcycle helmets

Drinks, bottles, cans

Rivet jewelry, unusually long purse chains, spurs

Naturally, no weapons, laser pointers, Bengalos or fireworks may also be carried. And that animals likewise may not be brought, understands itself yes surely of course.

You can find more info at: and also at:

We hope you enjoy Ed Sheeran!!!

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