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"Edeka Scheck in" Frankfurt-Ostend launches deposit voucher fundraiser for MS sufferers

17.11.2018 | 21:57 Clock | Business
'Edeka Scheck in' Frankfurt-Ostend launches deposit voucher fundraiser for MS sufferers

Instead of redeeming the deposit voucher from the vending machine for the returned empty beverage crates and deposit bottles at the checkout, customers of the "Edeka Scheck in" in Frankfurt's Ostend (Ferdinand-Happ-Strasse 59) can do something good with it between Thursday, November 22, and Thursday, December 20, and help MS patients with a small amount. Because next to the bottle vending machine in the entrance hall (next to the escalator to the underground car park), a letterbox has been installed where customers can put their deposit voucher.

For the fourth time, the shopping centre in the Ostend is collecting the vouchers for the DMSG Hessen in order to support MS sufferers in Frankfurt and Hesse with the amount of money thus raised. "It is an important concern for us that we as a market are committed socially and to the community. We provide everyday people with our goods. Therefore, as a local business, we feel obliged to stand by our sick and needy customers as well. The pledge drive is therefore a simple but effective idea of how we can help MS sufferers and raise awareness of the issue," says store manager Peter Splettstößer in welcoming this four-week charity drive.

To kick off the campaign on Thursday, November 22, employees of the Hessian MS self-help organization will be present in the entrance area with an information booth between 12 and 4 pm. Interested customers can then inform themselves about the neurological disease multiple sclerosis, the diverse program and the counseling services of the DMSG Hessen as well as about the Frankfurt counseling center at Wittelsbacherallee 86. By the way, the idea for this campaign comes from Barbara Pospiech from the Frankfurt MS self-help group "Regenbogen" and DMSG Hesse board member and her husband Udo Pospiech.

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