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Fastnacht genießen im Lockdown - Wo gibt es in Frankfurt die besten Kreppel?

30.01.2021 | 13:54 Clock | Culinary
Fastnacht genießen im Lockdown - Wo gibt es in Frankfurt die besten Kreppel?

In diesem Jahr fällt die närrische Zeit ja mehr oder weniger ins Wasser. The pandemic and the resulting lockdown with its contact restrictions make not only the traditional parades and the big parties, but also smaller carnival celebrations in the private circle impossible. But we don't have to completely do without good mood and carnival atmosphere. In addition to numerous TV shows - from "Hessen lacht zur Fassenacht" to "Mainz bleibt Mainz" or the immensely popular "Fastnacht in Franken" (all important TV dates can be found HERE in our special) - you can also get a bit of carnival atmosphere at home with the corresponding mood hits - if that's your thing. Then the suitable food may not be missing - and there belong beside a guude Schoppe of course also the sweet Kreppel (or Krebbel) absolutely to it!

The popular pastry gave it in the past years also already in very unusual, genuine hessian variants. So brave Kreppel fans could taste their favorite pastry with Handkäs filling or as a green sauce Kreppel. And three years ago, a Kreppel pop-up store opened in MyZeil for a few days in February, where not only Kreppel were sold, but also winkingly exhibited as Kreppel innovations such as KreppelTV, Kreppelwatch, iKreppel or KreppelColour. So it's fair to say that the Hessians love their Kreppel - not only, but especially at Shrovetide. And despite a certain willingness to experiment on the part of some confectioners, the classics in particular are still the big sellers.

Whether unfilled or with jam, custard, nougat or eggnog - there is a Kreppel to suit every taste. We had asked you in the past regularly, where there is in your opinion the best Kreppel in and around Frankfurt. Multiple winners in this "Best of" survey were the delicacies from Konditorei-Café Altes Rathaus Hofheim (formerly Konditorei Hollhorst am Römer in Frankfurt). In 2021, Daniel Anderlohr's delicious kreppel are sure to attract many regular customers to Hofheim again.

Also always very popular are the kreppel from Bäcker Eifler, which are a kind of official Fastnachts kreppel in Frankfurt. After all, the Eifler team usually provides the visitors of the big carnival procession in Frankfurt with Kreppeln free of charge from the unmistakable Mottowagen. Unfortunately, that's not possible in 2021, but you can of course stock up on this treat at one of the many branches in Frankfurt this year, too.

But where else can you find especially delicious Kreppel in and around Frankfurt? The following tips we have compiled there from you and from our editorial team:

Confiserie Graff, Reichsburgstraße 12, 60489 Frankfurt am Main - Rödelheim

Bäckerei HansS, Brückenstraße 56, 60594 Frankfurt am Main - Sachsenhausen

Café Kitzel, Kurmainzer Str. 205, 65936 Frankfurt am Main - Sossenheim

Bakery Huck, various branches, including.a. Adalbertstraße 1, 60486 Frankfurt am Main - Bockenheim

Cafe Ruppel, Eckenheimer Landstraße 269, 60320 Frankfurt am Main - am Hauptfriedhof

Café Laumer, Bockenheimer Landstraße 67, 60325 Frankfurt am Main - Westend

BachBäcker Backhaus Frankfurt, Grüneburgweg 58-62, 60322 Frankfurt am Main - Nordend

Café Ernst, Textorstraße 40, 60594 Frankfurt am Main - Sachsenhausen

Konditorei-Café Altes Rathaus, Hauptstraße 40, 65719 Hofheim am Taunus. Not only a tip from us, but also from our user, the self-proclaimed "crepe lover" Hans! Thanks for the feedback!

Bäckerei Freimund, Ober-Erlenbacher Str. 1, 61352 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe

Our user Jens G. recommends you the Kirsch Pudding, Nougat and normal Kräppel from Hinnerbäcker, which you can find at Eschersheimer Landstraße 248, 60320 Frankfurt am Main, among other places. Thanks for the tip!

Our user Joanna W. recommends beside the Kreppel of the Konditorei-Café Altes Rathaus also those of the Café Gelhaar, Klarenthaler Str. 3, 65197 Wiesbaden. Definitely going to give those a try too! Thanks for that!

And if you want to try your hand at Kreppel baking, you can find a recipe for it HERE.

Do you also have a tip where to find especially delicious creppel? Which bakery/pastry shop do you think should be on the list? Feel free to send us an email to We will gladly add your tips to our list.

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