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For the last time in Frankfurt: DREAM & FLY with the EHRLICH BROTHERS

08.11.2023 | 18:01 Clock | Culture
For the last time in Frankfurt: DREAM & FLY with the EHRLICH BROTHERS

A record-breaking 1,000,000 people have seen DREAM & FLY since its premiere at the end of 2019. Now is the last chance to see the EHRLICH BROTHERS and their exceptional show live. From 27.12.2023 to 12.05.2024, there are another
60 additional shows on the tour schedule.
It is by no means just fans from German-speaking countries who are inspired by the EHRLICH BROTHERS. Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, England, Canada, USA - people travel from all over to experience the spectacular illusions of the two star magicians. The EHRLICH BROTHERS are repeatedly confirmed that there is no comparable magic show in the world.

With 22 trucks and a 100-strong crew, DREAM & FLY is a tour show of superlatives. Andreas and Chris Ehrlich combine breathtaking grand illusions with quiet moments and magic tricks surrounded by the audience. Right at the beginning, when they appear out of nowhere in a helicopter, they blow the audience's imagination. The perfectly coordinated use of pyrotechnics, light and sound makes the EHRLICH BROTHERS' illusions an outstanding spectacle. With huge flames of fire, they transform a battered small car into a golden Lamborghini. Children's eyes light up when they conjure up the biggest candy jar in the world, filled to bursting with thousands of sweets. The EHRLICH BROTHERS make the childhood dream of flying come true in DREAM & FLY. Weightlessly, they take off from the stage and transform into butterflies for the finale.

Andreas and Chris Ehrlich effortlessly master the emotional balancing act between complete amazement and hearty laughter, creating a familiar atmosphere that is infectious for children and adults alike. Last chance: If you want to see DREAM & FLY, you have to hurry. After four years, the tour ends in May 2024 and will not continue.

Until then, the EHRLICH BROTHERS will be making one more guest appearance in the major arenas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Tickets are available at or on the hotline 0180/500 41 59 (14 cents/min. from a German landline, max. 42 cents/min. from a mobile phone). All tour dates at and

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