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Frankfurt among top 10 best cities in the world for Gen Z

20.12.2022 | 14:20 Clock | Service
Frankfurt among top 10 best cities in the world for Gen Z

According to a study commissioned by textile retailer Peek & Cloppenburg, Frankfurt am Main ranks 9th among the world's best cities for Generation Z, people born between the late 1990s and 2012. Analysis firm Urbanity Impact assessed a selection of 250 cities from around the world that met certain initial ratings on educational opportunities, economy and international connections, according to further criteria regarding their digital landscape, principles, lifestyle offerings and economy, resulting in a final list of 100 cities that are particularly well-suited to Gen Z's demands.

Considered specifically were action on climate change, gender equality, internationalism, access to mental as well as general healthcare, safety and the presence of well-known universities in each city. In addition, the cities' lifestyle offerings were then evaluated specifically for the younger generation, with concerts, nightlife and other popular activities analyzed. The ranking also included the assessment of the respective cities as business locations. Important roles were played by the level of entrepreneurship, remote work, affordability, social entrepreneurship and the level of development of the AI industry. The aim was to find out which cities are the best financial fit for Generation Z.

In the end, there were 22 factors according to which the cities were evaluated for their suitability and attractiveness for Gen Z. The ranking was based on a number of factors. The winner is the German capital Berlin, followed by Bern (Switzerland) and Stockholm (Sweden). Another German city is Cologne in 8th place, followed by the Main metropolis. Frankfurt scored particularly well with its internationality. Frankfurt also did very well in terms of access to general healthcare. By contrast, the ratings for technological education, the activities of Gen-Z influencers and social entrepreneurship were rather disappointing. Here, Frankfurt tends to be at the bottom of the rankings. Also with the measures against the climatic change Frankfurt misses the Top 20 and with the sex equality even the Top 40 is missed.

Even if it was enough in the end with a Score of 95,2 for a really very good ninth place, there are according to the study still many building sites, on which must be worked in Frankfurt, in order to make the city attractive particularly for young people. But much of it is measures from which people could benefit across generations.

You can find more info and results of the study HERE

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