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Frankfurter Oktoberfest enters 11th round

03.09.2019 | 08:39 Clock | Culture
Frankfurter Oktoberfest enters 11th round

Nobody would have thought that the Frankfurt Oktoberfest, which was held 11 years ago in front of relatively few visitors and accompanied by many critical voices, would be so successful after a decade. Most critics - at least those who have attended the festival before - have long since fallen silent and sold-out event days are the rule rather than the exception - and often shortly after advance ticket sales began.

Such was the case with the 11th edition of the Frankfurt Oktoberfest, which invites visitors to the marquee at the Commerzbank Arena from September 11 to October 6. For some evenings, tickets were already no longer available after the first days of sales. For other days there are still a few remaining tickets. The reason for this can be quickly identified: the grandiose atmosphere that prevails in the Hausmann family's marquee gives the Frankfurt Oktoberfest its very special atmosphere. Not as big as the Munich original, but all the more cosy and pleasant for it.

Of course, the great atmosphere will once again be provided by the party program in its eleventh year, featuring not only Oktoberfest regulars such as Mickie Krause, the Trenkwaldern or Roy Hammer & his Pralinéit will also be a few new names on the illustrious guest list: For example, on September 12, Oli P. will make the marquee shake with the 90s Wiesn. And also Ingo without Flamingo gives his debut at the Malle Wiesn on October 3 in Frankfurt.

The festival beer 2019 comes traditionally from the Binding brewery and was already presented with a large ceremony. And first tasters have confirmed: The festival beer tastes just great this year too! Gastronomically, in addition to the popular classics of Hessian-Bavarian cuisine, there will also be some new dishes on the menu: for example, wild goulash will be served for the first time in 2019. Guests can also order stuffed veal breast this year. And by popular demand, there will also be delicious chocolate pudding as a dessert.

A special innovation at the 11th Frankfurt Oktoberfest is a traditional costume rental in the foyer of the festival tent. Although no dirndls or lederhosen are offered, but at least shirts and blouses in the check look, so that even last-minute visitors or guests who come directly from the office to the marquee, do not feel underdressed.

In addition to the evening events, there are five Frühshoppen presented in cooperation with RheinMain4Family, each on Sunday mornings and on German Unity Day, October 3. Tickets for all events not yet sold out are available online at as well as at all known advance booking offices. So if you want to be there this year in the now 90-metre-long marquee, you'd better get a move on. It's worth it!

The program of the Frankfurt Oktoberfest 2019 at a glance:

Mi., 11.9.: O'zapft wird! Opening with Jimmy Wilson and the "Wetter Mädsche"

Tapping of the barrel with Janine Kunze

Thu, 12.9.: 90er Wiesn with Oli P.

Fr., 13.9.: Almauftrieb with the Frankfurt Oktoberfest Band

Sa., 14.9.: Wiesn Gaudi with the Frankfurt Oktoberfest Band

Sun, 15.9.: Frühschoppen with the Trenkwaldern

Tuesday, 17.9.: Schatzi Wiesn with Mickie Krause

Mi, 18.9.: Hammer Wiesn with Roy Hammer & the Pralineés

Thu.., 9/19: 80s Wiesn with Jimmie Wilson and the Weather Girls

Fri, 20.9.: Frankfurter Wiesn with the Frankfurter Oktoberfest Band

Sat, 21.9.: Edelweiss Wiesn with the Frankfurt Oktoberfest Band

Sun., 22.9.: Frühschoppen with the Frankfurt Oktoberfest Band

Tue, 24.9.: Herzi Wiesn with Mickie Krause

Mi., 25.9.: Bergfest with Peter Wackel

Thu., 26.9.: NDW-Tirol-Wiesn with Markus and the Trenkwaldern

Fri, 27.9.: Party Wiesn with the Frankfurt Oktoberfest Band

Sa., 28.9.: Fash'n Wiesn with the Frankfurt Oktoberfest Band

Sun, 29.9.: Frühschoppen with the Frankfurter Oktoberfest Band

Mi., 2.10.: Spass Wiesn with The Hangover

Thu., 3.10.: Frühschoppen with the Kalbachers

Thu., 3.10.: Evening: Malle-Wiesn with the Schlagermafia and Ingo without Flamingo

Fri, 4.10.: Endspurt Wiesn with The Hangover

Sa., 5.10.: Almabtrieb with The Hangover

Sun, 6.10.: Frühschoppen with the Trenkwaldern

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