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Gasthaus Zum Einhorn in Bonames wins the Grüne Soße Festival 2018

22.05.2018 | 15:13 Clock | Culinary
Gasthaus Zum Einhorn in Bonames wins the Grüne Soße Festival 2018

Saturday was grand final day in Frankfurt. Not only the spectacular DFB Cup final was on the agenda. This year's Green Sauce Festival also came to an end after a successful week with the grand finale event. A total of 49 catering establishments had vied for the title of "Best Green Sauce 2018". In the final, the inn "Zum Einhorn" was able to prevail over the competition and convince the palates of the approximately 650 guests in the completely sold-out festival tent the most. In seven exciting preliminary evenings, in addition to the inn Zum Einhorn, Zum Lahmen Esel, Maingau, Apfelwein Wagner, Waldgasthof Gundelhard, Restaurant Kastanie and the SG Bockenheim had also made it to the final.

On the last evening, the visitors were also presented with a varied stage programme, which was a perfect contrast to King Football. Among others, the U-Bahn Kontrollöre stood on stage in frozen women's dresses, there was comedy with Woody Feldmann and musical accompaniment by the Frankfurt saxophone orchestra "Band in the Bembel". Presenters were Anton Le Goff, Timo Becker and Hilde from Bornheim, who led the audience through the evening show in spectacular fashion. Of course, Eintracht's victory played a major role here as well: the program turned into a collective cheer whenever Eintracht scored a goal, and the artists present offered the audience a superbly improvised festival football show.

When it was clear at around 11pm that the trophy was coming to Frankfurt, the tent went wild, celebrating the football in equal measure as it did afterwards for the winner of the 2018 Grüne Soße Festival.

The football fans were thrilled and one non-football fan in the tent commented on the evening, "That was the greatest football match I have ever experienced." And quite clearly, the love of the Grie Sooß unites people just as much as the love of football. A double final evening like this couldn't be more beautiful!

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