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Glaab's Surf'n'Turf - When smoked malt meets Breton sea salt

09.05.2019 | 08:33 Clock | Culinary
Glaab's Surf'n'Turf - When smoked malt meets Breton sea salt

Glaabsbräu, the oldest brewery in southern Hesse and one of the most modern breweries in Germany, has repeatedly tried its hand at innovation in the beer market, especially in recent years. Whether the Glaab`s Grie Sooß or the craft beer "Vicky loves Pale Ale", Glaabsbräu surprises a fans again and again with new taste explosions. Now there`s another new brew speciality from Glaabsbräu in Seligenstadt, appropriately named start of the barbecue season: "Glaab´s Surf´n´Turf" comes on the market as a "Limited Edition", that means only for a short time.

Nine different malts, including the unique boxwood smoked malt are used to create the "Brown Ale" (brown ale) with Breton sea salt, giving Glaab´s Surf´n´Turf a bacony, smoky aroma with a subtle salty note on the finish. The brown ale is deep brown with a fine pored head and the bitterness is discreetly in the background. Excellent with meats and seafood, it is only 3.8% alcohol. Available from Glaab´s Surf´n´Turf in retail and foodservice in 0.33L bottles.

"As a counterpart to our hop-driven craft beers, we are treading the path of diversity in malts for the first time with Surf´n´Turf, using nine different malts, including various smoked malts from Franconia and Scotland as well as oat malt from England. The first-class malts are joined by Breton sea salt, which brings together all the flavors of the Brown Ale and guarantees an unforgettable pleasure," tells enthusiastic brewmaster and beer sommelier, Julian Menner.

At the beginning of May, Glaab´s Surf´n´Turf was poured at this year's Craftbier Festival in Frankfurt and was very well received. Here Glaabsbräu had already caused a stir last year with "Glaab`s Grie Sooß". The reason for the enthusiasm of the end customer is quickly found, because Glaab´s Surf´n´Turf is brewed just as sophisticated and special as all beers of Glaabsbräu: Individually brewed to their own recipe, using all-natural hops and free of additives, chemical stabilizers, and color beer, all of which are allowed in the Purity Law.

Where to buy Glaab´s Surf´n´Turf in stores everywhere, learn more at: www.glaabsbraeu.en/sources

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