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Glaabsbräu launches new alcohol-free beers

02.03.2020 | 10:59 Clock | Culinary
Glaabsbräu launches new alcohol-free beers

To prove that beer can taste excellent without alcohol, Glaabsbräu, the oldest brewery in southern Hesse and one of the most innovative breweries in Germany, has introduced new non-alcoholic beer varieties at a product launch party at the brewery in late February. As of now, these beers "with no alcohol" are also available in stores.

These new varieties include:

Glaabsbräu Helles - alcohol-free, which is being brewed by a Hessian brewery for the first time. Helles beer is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Glaabsbräu Helles is now the second best-selling beer in the range and was recently awarded a gold medal by the DLG (German Food Society). Since it can be assumed that the non-alcoholic variant will also quickly enjoy great popularity!

Glaabsbräu Sommerradler - alcohol-free, a natural biker with local herbs. Already in the range, Glaabsbräu Hefeweizen alcohol-free has been improved thanks to the revised recipe. The fruity and tangy aromas of the original are perfectly preserved. There the beer garden season can come!

All alcohol-free beers of Glaabsbräu are aromatically very close to the original product by the unique, gentle and natural dealcoholization process. In the process, the alcohol is removed from the beer at only 5 degrees. This means that it is always at drinking temperature. This makes the process very different from the conventional or usual process in which the beer is heated to over 60 degrees in order to evaporate the alcohol. In addition, Glaabsbräu alcohol-free beers are lower in calories than other alcohol-free beers due to their low residual sweetness. To achieve this, Glaabsbräu has invested in one of the best dealcoholisation plants currently available on the market. "The full enjoyment of beer without alcohol is an important consumer trend. As for our usual assortment, we have set the highest standards for our new alcohol-free beers and offer our customers alcohol-free beers with an authentic taste and of course brewed in Seligenstadt!", emphasizes Robert Glaab, head of brewing.

Glaabsbräu Sommerradler and Glaabsbräu Helles "mit ohne" are available in 0.33l and 0.5l bottles in retail and gastronomy. Glaabsbräu Hefeweizen non-alcoholic is still offered in the 0.5l bottle. In the course of the product launch, Glaabsbräu will remove the Pilsener Alkoholfrei from the market.

Glaabsbräu basically brews each of their beers individually according to their own recipe with natural aroma hops and the highest quality raw materials. The beers are all-natural, with no additives, no chemical stabilizers, and color beer. Thus Glaabsbräu brews their beers more demanding than the purity law. The brewing process is overall Co2 neutral and drinking water saving.

You can find more info about Glaabsbräu HERE

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