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Great cinema at home - The DFF Filmstill Challenge

15.04.2020 | 15:53 Clock | Culture
Great cinema at home - The DFF Filmstill Challenge

After all, the motto everywhere at the moment is #WeStayHome and #KeepDistance. Social contacts are limited to a minimum, and our whole life takes place at the moment primarily in one place: in our own four walls. It's easy for boredom to set in. Sure, you can kill time by streaming lots of great series or watching movies. Or you can make great movies yourself and take part in the Filmstill Challenge, which the DFF has now called for:

The motto of the challenge is "Between Film and Quarantine". Already, numerous film fans have recreated well-known and lesser-known cinematic motifs and posted them on Instagram. You should definitely follow suit. You can use all kinds of objects you find at home as props: A hammock and a couch, a shower curtain and a raincoat, a cooking spoon and a cigarette, a big hat, a painted moustache and so on. There are no limits to creativity here.

Transform your living room into the TITANIC, into the bench where Forrest Gump sits or into an excavation site from "Indiana Jones", recreate scenes from "Psycho", from "Star Wars", from "Cast away", become the "Avengers" with the whole family or "Harry and Sally" with your partner. No matter which movie scene you reenact, one thing is guaranteed: You will have a lot of fun.

The result you then post under the hashtag #betweenfilmandquarantine. And here it shows: 125 years of film history offer plenty of inspiration!

Go to the DFF's Instagram profile:

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