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Green Sauce Festival: The Green Sauce Festival 2021 is coming INSIDE!

23.05.2021 | 12:49 Clock | Culture
Green Sauce Festival: The Green Sauce Festival 2021 is coming INSIDE!

While it may be impossible to make accurate predictions about the progress of the Corona pandemic. It may be that the situation will worsen once again. But it may just be possible that the summer will be good - really good! That is a glimmer of hope that we should all strive for. A glimmer of hope for which it is worthwhile to hold out for a few more weeks now - despite all the tempting easing. Because, infection permitting, we'll be able to experience a whole lot outside this summer - not only gastronomy, but also a whole lot of culture. Open air cinemas are planned, as well as theatres on the banks of the Main. And a very special highlight is to take place from 20 August to 11 September 2021 on the Roßmarkt: The Green Sauce Festival!

After we have now had to do without the popular Green Sauce Festival in its familiar form twice, the Roßmarkt is finally to be back under the sign of the 7 herbs and culture at the end of August. Together with other cultural enterprises of the city, the initiators of the festival want to fill the square in the city center again with life, music and cabaret - of course Corona-compliant! "INS FREIE!" is a support program of the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art for cultural enterprises and organizers to organize events in the open air and to make culture possible again in this way. The aim is to jointly offer a varied programme despite a lack of funds and limited space. This is how the Green Sauce Festival came into being!

A stage for over 160 artists

.In order to be prepared against great heat or rain showers, the Roßmarkt will be covered for the entire festival period with a 750 sqm umbrella, under which a large stage and up to 600 spectators will find space. During the day there will be - as at the classic Green Sauce Festival - a music program with many different artists from the region with free admission.

Involved in the rest of the program are the cabaret "Die Käs", the Frankfurt satire theater "Die Schmiere" and the "Papageno Music Theater". Every evening there is a changing programme and in the afternoon the Papageno-Musiktheater offers performances for children. There will also be a festival market, which will be adapted according to current regulations and will take place throughout the period.

The Green Sauce Festival

The setting for the Green Sauce Festival is the Green Sauce Festival, which will take place over seven evenings throughout the period. It will be a little different than usual and yet somehow also exactly as the public loves it: There will be no competition this year either, as the gastronomy is one of the biggest losers of the pandemic. On the other hand, the "fun around the 7 herbs" will not be renounced. Each evening will have its own motto, guided by the question: What did we miss during the pandemic? Going out, football, carnival, money, travel, school and much more. Of course, proven experts were invited: Bodo Bach, Bäppi, Johannes Scherer, Sabine Fischmann & Ali Neander, Chin Meyer, the subway controllers in frozen women's clothes and Gayle Tufts. As always, the hosts are Anton Le Goff, Timo Becker and the Hilde from Bornheim together with the festival band. In proven form, the catering establishments of the evening will be presented, and of course all guests will enjoy the usual variety of green sauces.

That really makes you look forward to the summer, which hopefully makes events like this possible! Laughing together, enjoying Grie Soß, listening to musical performances or experiencing theatre - that's just what's missing! So the news about the planned Grüne Soße Festspiele 2021 really gives hope!

General info:

Evening shows start: 8pm (admission from 7.15pm)

Green Sauce Festivals IN THE FREE!

Jointly with "Die Käs", "Die Schmiere" and the "Papageno-Musiktheater" the Green Sauce Festival will be celebrated with a varied program. From cabaret and comedy to music, poetry slam, mental magic, children's theatre and a musical church service - so there's something for everyone!

Festival guests: Mirja Regensburg, Frank Fischer, Maddin Schneider, Nicolai Friedrich, Andy Ost, Sven Hieronymus, the Schmiere Ensemble, the Schwerdtfegers, Pippi Longstocking, Malte & Galakto, Kick La Luna, Jan Cönig & Friends, the Junior Band & Voices of the LJJO Hessen, the Papageno Opera Ensemble, and many more.v.a.m.

Tickets for all events will be available from 19.6.2021 on and at all advance booking offices.

All info about the program is available at

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