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Hesse opens up - phased plan for openings presented

12.05.2021 | 18:05 Clock | Service
Hesse opens up - phased plan for openings presented

The trend is very positive. Infection numbers are declining steadily, and vaccination rates are increasing. Fortunately, it did not come to the big explosion of case numbers in the third wave. For the Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier, this is due to the success of the federal emergency brake, but also to the prudent actions of most citizens. Thus, Hesse is now in a situation where far-reaching opening steps and relaxations must be discussed, always taking care that the successes achieved in the fight against the pandemic are not gambled away lightly.

The cabinet of the Hessian state government therefore discussed today, Wednesday, the further procedure in the Corona pandemic and established new regulations in a phased plan. These will apply in stages as soon as the incidence falls below 100 for five consecutive working days in a district or a district-free city and the measures of the federal emergency brake no longer apply there. The goal of the phased plan is to give people a clear perspective for the coming months. Especially in areas such as day care centers, schools, retail, hotels, restaurants, cultural industries and sports, there are provisions for this that finally offer real hope - unless infection rates go back up.

New measures starting May 17. May

As the government leader explained, the new measures will take effect in the first stage in counties or incorporated cities that are no longer subject to federal emergency brake restrictions on or after May 17 - that is, five days with an incidence below 100. The determination will also take into account days before the ordinance change takes effect. A second stage provides for further relaxation if the incidence remains below 100 for an additional 14 consecutive days after Stage 1, or once it remains below 50 for five consecutive days.

The regulations cover many areas of public and private life, such as day care centers and schools. At these, at an appropriate incidence level of less than 100, grades 1 to 6 and graduating classes could receive face-to-face instruction, and grades 7 to 11 could receive alternate instruction. Tier 2 would provide face-to-face instruction for all grades with mandatory testing twice a week. "In this way, we are creating a bit of the normal school day for students, which they have had to do without for so long. At the same time, this relaxation offers a great relief for parents," said Bouffier.

"Against the backdrop of the approaching summer months, we are also particularly pleased to now also be able to make graduated relaxations in the area of gastronomy and tourism - as soon as the incidences allow it," the head of government further emphasized. Earlier, the state government had held talks with the German Hotel and Restaurant Association and the Trade Association to discuss these steps.

Important signal to gastro industry and tourism

Hesse's Economics Minister Tarek Al-Wazir said: "After many months of closure, the first opening steps are a very important signal to the gastronomy industry and tourism. And for the citizens it means a piece of normality. One thing is clear: those entrepreneurs who were hit particularly hard and for a long time by the Corona restrictions have also helped to prevent the virus from spreading further. Let us not put what we have achieved at risk, but let us work together with caution and distance to ensure that other areas of social life that have been forced to remain dormant for months, i.e. culture, the events industry and the leisure industry, can also gradually reopen. We can all be happy about every possible opening step, but we must not become reckless. If the incidence were to rise above 100 again for three days, these very openings would have to be reversed. That would be extremely regrettable for everyone, but particularly bad for the areas affected. It continues to come down to the common sense of anyone and everyone to make sure we don't have another setback."

And here is what the provisions of the phased plan look like in detail

Contact arrangements

Stage 1: Two households (plus vaccinated/genetically selected)

Stage 2: Two households or 10 people (Vaccinated/Genese/Children U14 do not count)


Stage 1: Extended daily needs: as before

Other retail: "click and meet", medical mask, current test recommended

Stage 2: All stores open with access restrictions and mask requirement, current test recommended

<pp class="MsoNoSpacing">Gastronomy/Tourism

Stage 1: Outdoor: outdoor dining - with conditions - open: current test, spacing, seating requirement, contact details etc.

Clubs & Discos: Opening as outdoor catering possible

Hotels, holiday homes, youth hostels, campsites - subject to conditions - open; in establishments with communal facilities such as breakfast rooms: occupancy max. 60 percent, test on arrival + 2x per week

Stage 2: Indoors - open with conditions: current test, spacing, seating requirement, contact details etc.

Indoor - with conditions - open: Spacing, seating requirement, contact details etc. Actual test recommended.

Clubs & Discos: Opening as bar/gastronomy possible

Hotels, holiday homes, youth hostels, campsites - under conditions - open; in establishments with communal facilities: Occupancy max. 75 percent, test on arrival + 2x per week


Stage 1: Possible according to contact rules. Gyms (with contact details collected, current test and appointment made), swimming pools closed.

Group sports for children (up to and including 14): possible as before

Stage 2: Team sports - with hygiene requirements - possible. Current test recommended. Swimming pools open.

Culture and Recreation

Stage 1: Outdoors (zoos, open-air museums, theme parks): open with conditions and registration.

Indoor (museums, castles, zoos): with registration <x>ampersand</x> medical mask, test recommended.

Stage 2: open with restraints (also indoor amusement parks). Current test recommended.


Stage 1: Indoors: Only for certain purposes - with conditions - possible (esp. professional, religious services, public interest)

Exterior: Up to 100 (unvaccinated) persons possible. Strict requirements: contact information, recent test, etc. More participants possible on a case-by-case basis

Stage 2: Indoors: Up to 100 (unvaccinated) people - with conditions - possible: current test, contact data collection, etc. More participants possible on a case-by-case basis.

Indoor: Up to 200 (unvaccinated) people, current test recommended

Services / Personal Care

Stage 1: Open with conditions: Appointment requirement, contact data collection + current test

Stage 2: Opened with requirements: Appointment requirement, contact data collection + current test recommended


Stages 1 and 2: Regular operation under pandemic conditions


Stage 1: Grade 1-6: Presence, Grade: 7-11 Change, Graduating Grades: Presence,

Testing requirement: 2x per week

Stage 2: All: Classroom attendance, mandatory testing: 2x per week

These counties are no longer currently covered by the Federal Emergency 8Date: 12.05.2021):




If the positive trend continues, more counties will soon follow.


The legally required demonstration that there is no evidence of SARSCoV2 virus infection can be done in several ways:

a) certification based on molecular biology testing (PCR testing)

(b) certification based on a rapid antigen test

(c) certification based on a test performed in the course of employment


(d) an occasion-related on-site self-test or proof of full vaccination protection (for 14 days) or a certificate of recovery

The testing must have occurred no more than 24 hours prior to the start of the visit or use of a facility, benefit, or service. An occasion-related self-test on site is suitable for negative proof if it was carried out in front of the employees immediately before entering the respective facility with a negative test result.

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